When even Hannity doesn't get the danger of mandating pre-existing condition coverage, then all is lost

Dem-o-bat mandated pre-existing condition coverage would suck blood from private insurance industry

Even with the mandate that every American buy health insurance, premium prices would skyrocket and skyrocketing premium prices would result in a demand for single-payer health care, i.e. socialized medicine


This simple fact and the fact that most Americans, including Republican elected officials, support a mandate that insurance companies not be allowed to turn down applicants due to pre-existing conditions is why ANY health care bill the ObamaDems would pass would have catastrophic consequences.

For this reason, yours truly has not joined in the excitement of the various “successes” with respect to abortion coverage in the House; and the public option and Medicare expansion in the Senate.

In fact, even if the tax increases; personal mandate; draconian Medicare cuts and any other onerous provisions are dropped and all that remains is a one-page bill mandating coverage of pre-existing conditions, it must be opposed with all of the parliamentary tactics available to Senator Tom Coburn and others with courage.

Economic ignorance, political cowardice a threat to American prosperity

The problem is that the public is so ignorant of economics that it would be politically risky even for conservative Republicans to oppose such a bill.

Risk assessment is at the heart of what makes insurance a viable industry.

If they have to sign up anyone that applies with little or no price differential (and arguably even with large price differentials), then eventually, their premium receipts will not cover treatment payouts.

Don’t get me wrong, I want all Americans to have access to health care in places other than emergency rooms. I favor a safety net for the truly needy, but ObamaDems would ensure that most Americans are truly needy and have the safety net engulf the private economy that pays for everything government does.

Universal health coverage and lower costs can be achieved

There is a way to achieve universal coverage without any of the provisions mentioned above, and that is for Congress to end the District of Columbia and 50 state monopolies that keep premium rates artificially high. This economic fact is fundamental and is why the interstate commerce clause was made a part of Article I of the Constitution.

If there were truly a nationwide free market in private health insurance, the number of individuals owning satisfactory coverage would more resemble the number with cell phones.

Federal tort reform with respect to medical malpractice suits would also be very helpful in lowering premiums as well, both with respect to limiting payouts, but even more importantly, in arresting the relative decline of the supply of physicians able to make a decent living while paying confiscatory rates.

Basic economics again: Lowering the supply of doctors makes the price go up!

Then, a health care reform plan that dealt with those remaining who could not afford insurance would be viable, as the number would be exponentially lower.

Courage required

No Republican dares say this though? I haven’t heard one Republican say this. Is that because it is easier to attack the other provisions? I suspect, but the day may well be coming when about all that is left is a mandate for pre-existing condition coverage, and if that happens I suspect many Republicans will jump on board and lose the issue forever.

To be followed sooner than you might expect by the loss of what used to be These United States as we knew it.

We will soon discover if We the People lost this debate when ObamaDems got a 60-vote senate, as it appears that many Democrats have decided that they are willing to defy the American people by passing this monstrosity, so dire are their 2010 prospects any way given the great recession and their socialist admissions in this process even if all of them aren’t enacted.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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