Obama moves to the center like Bonnie & Clyde taking a day off

Will Obama Jobs Summit and Nobel ‘moves to the center’ create jobs and peace?

In short, no and maybe and never forget that modern Democratic Party moves toward the center are akin to bank robbers (Bonnie Pelosi and Clyde Reid pictured) taking a day off.

bonnie and clyde

Government policies that foster the creation of private sector jobs are not a secret

Over a year ago, this column suggested that President Barack “spread the wealth” Obama would, before the 2010 elections, discover that there wasn’t enough wealth to spread around and turn to some tax cut and/or supply side measures.

It appears that I was “right” in a technical sense, but the post-Jobs Summit Stimulus II by another name is quite puny and has no more chance of stimulating private sector job creation than did the Stimulus I aka government growthulus bill.

In short, Obama’s move to the center is about as close to the Bill Clinton center as Pluto’s closest distance to Earth during its elliptical orbit. Of course, there could always be a Stimulus III for Easter, but I digress. The Obama proposals found here, have problems:

The one-year only small business incentives are very similar to those tried by President Jimmy Carter and his filibuster-proof Democrats that failed miserably;

The “cash for caulkers” aka “sexy insulation” proposal is another one-shot gimmick; and

In the one area of government spending that could actually out people to work on public infrastructure, Obama proposes only $50B.

Why is creating private sector jobs such a low priority for ObamaDems? The first stimulus that didn’t allocated only 10% of the massive $700B+ bill to public works, with most of that puny amount to be spent in 2010 and beyond. Yes, many signs have been spotted on empty lots advertising the “economic recovery act”, but the vast majority of the funds not related the safety net for the truly needy were to “save” state and local government jobs and to create federal jobs that taxpayers must fund.

Bottom line: ObamaDems don’t care about the poor and middle class, unless caring is defined as indefinite unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps and labor union “protection” (GM takeover is best example of the latter).

And if anyone thought that these proposals were any kind of significant move to the center, those thoughts should have been disabused by his attack on “bank fat cats” yesterday, so upset was he that Bank of America dared to pay its TARP ransom and escape his meddling controls.

Apparently, Obama has written off the 2010 elections in which he will not be on the ballot; is delusional on economic policy; and/or thinks he can fool the public into thinking he is trying to create real jobs for them.

Wasn’t it Deputy Barney Fife that said: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me? If they truly wanted to spur job creation, all they have to do is study the effect of the supply side tax and regulation cuts under Reagan and JFK.

Why doesn’t the Drive-By Media ridicule Obama like they did Reagan and Dubya when he used the word “evil”?

It is because they don’t believe he believes it. The Drive-Bys are a protection racket for the Democratic Party, but why anyone would trust a Democrat President given that party’s behavior since November 1963, I haven’t a clue, unless the reason is child-like denial or pure ignorance.

However, I will give the President kudos for more than just the first part of his war speech when accepting the Nobel “aka hate Bush” Peace Prize and his actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The best deterrent for “evil” is to kill evil doers, and Obama has allowed the armed forces to continue to kill them. Bravo!

Obama has not surrendered in Iraq aka Connecticut Middle East and Pakistan is fighting with renewed vigor against al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Keep it up.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Minority Report columns

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