Dem-o-bats still suck blood from health care liberty sans abortion

Senator Nelson, do not be fooled and do not try to fool We the social conservative pro-life people

The fate of America could well be decided before Christmas as it appears the ObamaDems in the U.S. Senate are no more than four votes short of ushering in socialized medicine or its slippery-slope equivalent that makes a government option monopoly inevitable.

At least one so-called Blue Dawg Democrat seems to have either fallen for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid abortion trap or is playing the Blue Dawg Mutt to those three Jeffs in trying to fool the public. Ben Nelson (D-NE) says his vote is dependent on banning abortion funding from any health care reform bill, as if that would make the bill acceptable to his conservative constituents, despite the remaining onerous parts of the 2000+ page bill.


Don’t let Reid’s “new language” allow his Dem-o-bats to suck the blood out of U.S. health care and American Liberty.

Nelson’s amendment failed to pass yesterday, but Majority Leader Harry Reid promises new language will be forthcoming to appease him. Reminds me of the old “language” of the Clean Air Act that never applied to what humans breathe out, but which the Obama Administration proposes to “reinterpret” to impose its cap and trade equivalent energy tax attack on the poor and middle class, even absent approval from ObamaDems in the Senate. It appears that one Blue Dawg, Jim “Born Fighting” Webb (D-VA) nipped President Barack Hussein Obama’s attempt to “ratify” a Copenhagen treaty on same, in the bud, but I digress (column on Webb to follow).

The Reid promise of new language also reminds of how ObamaDems’, especially on the bench seem to be able to find the right to abortion from penumbras. Keep this in mind later when we confront the abortion trick head on.

But before we get to the abortion ban fallacy, let us address the other two ruses being used to get America hooked on “free” medical insurance for “all,” i.e. public options and Medicare cuts.

The public option and Medicare cuts ruses

The term public option is just that, semantics. Reid promises new language on the public option to make it a mere unlikely threat to hold over private insurance companies if they don’t meet the “minimal” requirements of the bill, or, even more likely, the as yet unwritten regulations that will be promulgated by an ObamaDem bureaucracy from the broad language of the bill.

The whole bill is nothing but an attack on the ability of private insurance companies to make a profit, so that the public will end up demanding that the government save them. Much like the refusal of the Congress, under the interstate commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution, to break up the 51 private insurance monopolies in D.C. and the states is an accommodation with power-hungry states. Somehow, it took Chief Justice John Marshall, at the behest of Lawyer Daniel Webster, to break up state ferry boat monopolies, thus showing Congress the way, but all they could come up with was to misuse the Clause to tell farmers how much grain they can grow for personal consumption.

Bottom line: Any bill that does not break up state monopolies that keep insurance premiums high, must not be passed.

Secondly, the Medicare cut ruse. Reid will get the explicit Medicare cuts out of the bill before the vote. Count on it. Now, of course, Medicare will be cut under any ObamaCare. He has told us that when he told the daughter of the 100-year old Mom that her mom should take pain meds rather than get life-extending care, based on objective (see death panels) underwriting criteria. In fact, all medical care for all people except for government and/or union workers will be cut.

The Abortion ruse

But now, to abortion. First, a history since 1973: 49 million abortions and counting, with no help from socialized medicine.

Forty-Nine Million babies killed without ObamaCare.

Pro-lifers, can we talk? Zero lives would be saved by excluding abortion coverage from ObamaCare and no more than a minimal number more would be killed if it is included? Want to know why? Abortions are cheap. It would be like a subsidy for bubble gum or not. Americans are going to chew their gum and have their abortions.

The health care bill is NOT about abortion.

Rather, it is about surrendering a massive amount of Liberty to Big Government. It is about wrecking like in these United States. It is about whether we are going to continue to Slouch Towards Gomorrah like children or whether we are going to take off the diapers and be adults.

I choose putting my pants on; defeating this abomination called ObamaCare; and fighting for an end to abortion in churches, neighborhoods, states and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Don’t be fooled Ben Nelson, and don’t try and fool us.

You chose to associate yourself with an untrustworthy crowd when you accepted that “D” next to your name. You have cast votes for the budget and the non-stimulus. For gosh sakes, you voted to make Reid your Leader.

Prove yourself truly Blue and not just one of Obama’s mutts.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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