Race-obsessed media misses Atlanta mayoral runoff story

I wish the *Atlanta Journal-Constitution would hire some black folks (or DeVine Law Gamecock) to help them find the truthful news; get over their own white guilt; and quit projecting that guilt onto the people of the city this conservative Republican loves. Yes, I am white.

It appears that Kasim Reed (who happens to be black) won the Atlanta mayoral run-off over Mary Norwood (yep, she’s a white gal) by only 700 votes. The AJC has been obsessed with race (and sexual orientation) throughout the campaign, placing voters into cookie-cutter molds based on skin color, including in today’s post election analysis.

Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn (Responsible for identifying drive-by media fog.) is not happy, so, I wonder if the AJC can follow this logic:

  1. Atlanta is a Democratic Party dominated city and has been since the Civil War.
  2. Most blacks are Democrats.
  3. Despite recent demographic trends, Atlanta remains a super-majority black city.
  4. Mayoral elections are officially non-partisan (free-speech is denied on the ballot), but people aren’t.
  5. The white candidate, an admitted former Republican suspected of still being of the closet-variety (although any look at her voting record shows she would have a hard time avoiding a Conservative Party challenger if she resided in NY-23, but I digress…), won a 46% plurality in the general election against numerous black opponents and won nearly half of the vote (at last count, she was almost as close as Gore was in Florida 2000) against her black opponent in this majority black city.
  6. The AJC admits that the white candidate came the closest of any previous white challengers over the past three decades (see first link above), with the black candidate garnering nearly 16% of his vote from white-majority districts.
  7. The margin of victory is 700 votes out of 84,076 cast, or .008% of the vote.
  8. 16% is 2000 times larger than .008.
  9. There was plenty of racial cross-over voting.

The fact of the matter is that Norwood lost because of her alienation of too many Republican voters when she ran from her GOP past and then trashed the Republican Party and prior participation in it. Not the way to win friends and influence people, except for maybe the over 14% of her voters that were black, and mostly Democrat.

This mayoral race was not about race. It was about the candidates. It was about honesty, leadership and party. Reed even attacked the “mess at City Hall” in his final ads. BTW, the incumbent mayor over the last eight years responsible for City Hall is, you guessed it…Black! Think the AJC just missed that?

And the most honest Democratic Party leader won: Kasim Reed.

We called it here first.

*[FTR, and full disclosure, we love the AJC. Pay for their peoples to deliver the dead-tree version of it to my peoples every day. Kyle Wingfield (who deservedly beat us in a contest for the conservative columnist job) got this right and we miss Jim Wooten.]

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