Braves-Gamecock, et al on Thanksgiving in the age of Obama

We thank God first for his providence and benefits, much as our first President did more than 220 years ago:

Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor… – President George Washington, October 3, 1789

Braves-Gamecock will do his duty, as Cockstradamus and Foghorn Leghorn do theirs by first thanking God for sending his son, Jesus Christ to become flesh among us, so that we might become sons of God:


We thank God for the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States for putting their lives on the line for us and for keeping us safe since last Thanksgiving Day;

We are truly thankful for the employment of nearly 90% of Americans and that the Fruited Plain is still so bountiful that the “poor” can still attain obesity status (Foghorn Leghorn is not passing on the gravy!);

I am especially thankful to be back in my adopted Atlanta hometown and Capitol of Dixie where the Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech are hecks of engineers whose Yellow Jackets have stung 10 of 11 opponents en route to the ACC Championship Game after facing Them Dawgs from Athens;

Also thankful for my Wofford and USC Law School alma maters are mainly academic schools (can’t you tell?) after woeful football seasons, but we relish the Terrier basketball victory the Georgia Bulldogs and hope for a University of South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks chickin’ lickin’ over Clemson’s Tigers at Williams-Brice in Columbia this Saturday;

Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn is especially thankful for the power of Talk Radio, and most especially El Rushbo, for cutting through the fog of the Drive-by Media and ObamaDems on the:

Non-stimulus, government growthulus bill that has helped to reduce the credibility of the ObamaDems so much that they have been unable to push through socialized medicine…yet;

Socialist-manned, enemy of capitalism, government grant-driven hoax and fraud of man-made global warming/climate change that has, so far, prevented the Senate form passing the huge tax assault on the poor and middle class called Cap-and-Trade; and

Ken-doll image of Barack Hussein Obama to reveal to more and more Independents the visage of Hate-America Church Rev Wright and Terrorist Bill Ayers;

Cockstradamus is especially thankful for all the Taliban, al Qaeda and other terrorists our armed forces in Iraq, and especially Afghanistan this hour, that our military has killed as it appears the Commander-in-Chief wants to “finish the job” there and not “have to hand it” off to a successor.


Cockstradamus (pictured left) is advised by former Democrat, DeVine Law (pictured below), that when liberal Democrats since 1963 speak of wanting to finish (not win) wars, they intend to lose them. They think that if you pull troops out, then you hand over nothing to your successor. Like when President George W. Bush was handed off no recession (that his tax cuts fixed btw, but I digress) or terrorism problem in 2000?

devine gamecock law

But we can all be thankful that, since we don’t expect an Obama “exit strategy” (again, this is liberal Democrat-speak for lose the war) to be for more than three years, it appears that President Obama expects to be sitting during the 2013 Inaugural.

We are thankful for the manifest, irrefutable evidence of the maturity of the American people on the issue of race last Inauguration Day, but are even more thankful that John McCain won’t have to suffer the rigors of running another martyrdom lose the Presidency campaign while looking the other way while his employees defame a fine conservative woman in 2012.

Thanks must be given for the likelihood of the re-education of Americans as to the dangers of repeating failed liberal democrat economic policies given the depths of this Great Recession. It is best that reality muggings take place earlier for da yutes.

We must thank Almighty God for the wisdom of the founders of this Shining City on a Hill and for the Framers of its Constitution.

Thank you God.

Mike DeVine2

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