John Stossel meets DeVine Law at Emory Law in Atlanta (part one)

DeVine Law Gamecock was in his element at Emory Law School on Wednesday night as one of conservatives’ favorite reporters in the Drive-By Media spoke to a nearly full Tull Auditorium.

John Stossel, famous for consumer horror stories for years at ABC, spoke mostly about his transition from liberal to libertarian at the event, co-sponsored by The Federalist Society.

john stossel

We will be filing a more extensive summary, this weekend, of Stossel’s “Bashing Business” lecture and our interchanges; his latest book (“Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity: WHY EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG“); and how his brand of libertarianism is essential element in building a conservative majority to turn back big government usurpations of liberty.

Suffice to say for now that the newest host of a prime time show on Fox Business Channel showed a lot of moxie in taking on our irresponsible legal culture in the belly of the legal beast at Emory.

The main point of his talk were how his consumer reporting over the years led him to understand that the free market is a better protector of consumers than big government, even as regards the regulation of legal drugs, and that his defense of private business causes the Left to hate him despite his very libertarian and liberal views on social issues.

Stossel is nothing if not consistent, and we mentioned that his recent column calling out presumptuous meddlers in the House of Representatives echoes StephC’s “Meddlers” columns at Hillbilly Politics and here at Redstate.

More later…this weekend, here and on my Examiner blog below…

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