The dearth of drive-by media curiosity and Fox News balance

Don’t hold your breath tonight waiting to hear a tough question to Obama from Fox News Channel’s Major Garrett

The main theme of this latest installment of “Foghorn Leghorns“, or getting our legs around Drive-by Media fog“, is the overall lack of journalistic curiosity, especially as pertains to running interference for President Barack Obama and his fellow democrats.

But, upon hearing of a planned partial lifting of the Obama Adminstration’s thuggish boycott of questions from Fox News tonight during a press conference in China, I deemed in necessary to also lower the foggy expectations of FNC fans that Obama will finally get asked a tough question and to review the actual “leghorn” performance of the only non-in-the-tank-for-liberals network as judged on the merits and as against their famous “fair and balanced” motto.

AJC’s best, birth certificates, Lou Dobbs and the credibility of the President of the United States

The “inspiration” for this column originated with a column by Jim Galloway, one of the best political reporters in Georgia. The “Political Insider” for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution “covered” the recent signing of a letter to President Obama requesting that he release a copy of his actual birth certificate, by Congressional Republicans, especially including Nathan Deal, who represents Gainesville, Ga., and has announced his candidacy for the 2010 Governor’s race in the Peach State.

Deal, like me, believes that Obama is a U.S. citizen. I have written DeVine Law analyses of the Constitution’s “natural born” requirement for the Presidency, that convince me that so long as one parent (Obama’s mother) is a U.S. citizen at the time of one’s birth, then one is natural born, even if the place of birth is outside the United States.

Unlike Deal, I would not have raised the issue of the continued secrecy of Obama’s original birth certificate, but the drive-by media get no such pass, especially when Galloway’s story misleads his readers by diverting attention to assurances from “Republican” state officials that Obama was born in Hawaii and the release of a “certificate of birth” attesting to same.

Galloway fails to mention that the “certificate of birth” is state prepared document “based on” the actual original birth certificate. Shoddy journalism at best. Intentional subterfuge at worst. Not to mention the complete lack of curiosity as to why Obama would not release an actual copy of the original?

Is his father listed? If not, why not? And could it be that a non-Kenyan father is listed?

Galloway, the AJC and most of the drive-bys care about as much about that as they did his pre-election: associations with Rev. Wright of his G-D America church and terrorist political ally Bill Ayers (also the ghost-writer of the Marxist Dreams of his Father book); numerous statements deriding the Constitution, its framers and the Founders; and his numerous statements seeking high energy prices and bankrupting the coal industry.

Coincidentally this week, Lou Dobbs, the only member of the MSM interested in the juxtaposition of Obama’s honesty and the refusal to release his birth certificate, was released from his news reporting duties with CNN. Yes, I said news reporting. It is not an “opinion” to ask that the man with his finger on the nukes come clean for the anal exam regularly given Alaska Governors.

The abdication of responsible press coverage of those that would be the Chief Executive of our national government and Commander in Chief of the armed forces that defend us, is a clear and present danger to the continuing exceptionalism of these United States.

Think the issue of Obama’s trustworthiness and associations may have been relevant now AJC, after enduring the rushed stimulus passage lies? The attempted rush to cram socialized medicine and high energy taxes via cap and trade down our throats, especially after discovering Obama’s lies prior to the rush as regards the ability to keep current coverage and the 10-year and running cooling of the Earth?

The man-child bows before potentates and emperors that surely must be aghast that the freedom of the world is in a man’s hands that would bow so low before them that he gets shoe polish on his forehead. Were the liberal eyes so glazed over that they couldn’t see the stupidity of a fellow Ivy Leaguer that pats Queen Elizabeth on the back, refuses to give the French First Lady a peck on the cheek, and otherwise botches every state event he participates in.

At least he’s not a cowboy….

Chris Wallace & Bill Clinton and Major Garrett/Bill O’Reilly & Obama ’08

Enter Fox News, fair and balanced. Guess they never heard the saying that the “Fair” only comes in October. Instead, Fox seems to accept the definition of “fair” as meaning accepting all arguments of the New York Times and the Democratic Party as legitimate and worthy of equal time.

Balance? I’m still looking for that too. Remember all the anticipation of the Chris Wallace interview of Bill Clinton? Yes, Chris got under Bill’s skin with a vague 911 question, that the walking Picture of Dorian Gray used to jab knees and make a scene. The question wasn’t tough.

Bill is “smart” to know that since he waited so long for an interview with a supposed non-sycophant, that the questions would mainly be vacuous “what do you think of” current events questions, rather than questions about pre-911 IRS records of political opponents; missile technology to China or his 2003 praise of Iran’s “democratic” political system. Luckily, the former president recently volunteered some “admissions” that we will cover in a story tomorrow, but I digress.

Remember the anticipation of Obama’s debut on The Factor? I do. It was dud as bad as when Jesse Jackson finally came in after years of being called a shake down artist by cable news’ ratings leader. You see, if you come on O’Reilly’s show, you have proven you are a “stand-up” guy and get treated with kid gloves.

Same was true for Major Garrett’s assignment to cover Obama’s “historic campaign”. The only people on FNC that covered the NEWS that really mattered before the Dem Party foisted Little Lord Obamalroy on America were Sean Hannity and pre-interview O’Reilly. Major asked horse-race questions that bored me to sleep.

Tonight, expect the same as Obama pulls a Clinton with a ten-minute pre-Christmas gift spot for Fox, in a setting that will compel the small minds of fair and balanced to ask some stale question about China and the dollar.

You see, it would be “unfair and unbalanced” to remind Obama of his policy dump the Saturday night after Joe Wilson called him a liar about citizenship verification requirements for health care, when Obama issued a statement demanding that the very verifications he lied and said were already in the bill, be put in. 

Just wouldn’t be cool, especially of you want another 10 minutes with the Messiah before the next Summer Olympics if you were to ask him about the COBRA-hole in the safety net; pitchfork threats against bank CEOs; or golfing while Americas die in Afghanistan waiting for him to appease Move On.org.

God help them if they ask him what Rev. Wright thought about Gates-gate; New Black panther thugs getting charges dropped; his lawyer-client years with ACORN or the name listed as “father” on his original birth certificate.

MSM runs interference for liberals and Democrats

Another curious story a recent issue of the dead-tree MSM in Atlanta declared:

Georgia Dems who voted against health bill fear costs — and potentially, constituents

Really? It seemed to me that the one’s in real fear of their constituents are the four democrats the AJC failed to list that voted for ObamaCare.

The examples of foghorn leghorns are an endless cornucopia, but this rooster must rest before tomorrow’s dawn-announcing duties on the dual myths of the existence of moderate Democrats and extremist Republicans.

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