Obama earning dishonorable discharge by dishonoring veterans

In the wake of the Fort Hood Massacre and the “11th hour” state of the American economy and Liberty at home and abroad generally, one column honoring veterans on the occasion of the November 11th national holiday was not enough.

In our three previous columns concerning the treasonous murders (now at 14 counting the unborn child of one of the victims) perpetrated by Major Malik Ali Hasan, we primarily addressed the deadly political correctness (cowardly lying) that causes Democrats in Congress to fear asking Census form completers if they are U.S. citizens and allows known, overt, enemies of the USA to serve in its armed forces.

We suggested that November 11, 2009 mark the day We the People declare war against the PC-Police. Since yesterday, we also have considered other matters related to honoring vets, especially including:

  • The contrast between the Obama Administration’s dismissal of suspicions against Hasan last spring with then Attorney General John Ashcroft’s post-911 round-up of Muslim/Arab country visa-overstays
  • Obama’s treatment of the military as dependent children victims rather than congratulating their great Victory in Iraq
  • Obama’s (and Hillary’s) refusal to honor the veterans that won the Cold War and made the de-construction of the Berlin Wall possible twenty years ago last Monday, including the absence of any utterance acknowledging the role of President Ronald Reagan
  • The refusal of the ObamaDems to do anything for the general welfare of returning vets other than stimulate government growthulus to remove quality health care alternatives to the sorry state of VA hospitals.

President George W. Bush: “John, don’t let this happen again.”

john ashcroft

Attorney General Ashcroft heeded his Commander-in-Chief’s words and America’s homeland was kept safe for over eight years. The Bush Administration suffered the slings and arrows of many democrats and the Drive-by media for “profiling” more than 900 illegal aliens that had overstayed their visas.

The same liberals and media that accuse conservatives of wanting to round-up the one-tenth of the population of Mexico that lives in the Lower Forty-Eight during the immigration reform debate years after 911, apparently preferred a round-up of tens of millions rather than any discriminating judgment of likely threats in the hundreds, the day after 911.

I have no doubt that the homeland security measures; enhanced interrogations of captured terrorists; removal of the Taliban and al Qaida’s safe haven nation-state in Afghanistan; and taking the fight to the enemy generally, and terrorist state supporter/war ceasefire abrogator in Iraq, all were critical elements in keeping us safe under Bush.

But I doubt that any act is more responsible for planned preventing follow-up attacks soon after 911 than Bush/Ashcroft’s defiance of the PC-police in getting the 900 off the Fruited Plain forthwith.

Victory in Iraq/Iraq as Connecticut

Iraq is poised to have elections again…..ho hum? Yes, isn’t it wonderful that this isn’t news! Neither are city council elections in Bridgeport.

We have won a great victory for democratic republicanism in the Middle East. The sectarian parties decrease, while the secular parties increase. President Bush’s vision of an alternative to Islamist extremism and/or totalitarian despotism has been made real by the armed forces of the United States and the lovers of freedom in the lands of Babylon.

Yet, our President speaks only of ending a war, not victory. He used to speak of “taking care of the troops” as if their reason for existence is to take care of us. He wants to bring them home to take care of them? Yet, when they get home, his FBI investigates a jihadist threat in their midst and lets the threat remain. He not only doesn’t take care of them, as promised. He is a danger to them, even in forts in the Lone Star State.

We must honor our vets and commons sense by killing the PC-police under all 50 stars and even the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands.

Merkel’s back-handed compliment to Gorby/Reagan’s War

President Obama was the only Western leader that refused German leader Angela Merkel’s invitation to attend the 20th anniversary celebration of the bringing down of the Berlin Wall. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton added insult to injury by failing to mention Ronald Reagan’s role in the events that led to removal of that communist stain on the landscape of Europe.

I was pleasantly surprised with Merkel’s “thanks” to the former Soviet jail-keeper of millions, Mikhail Gorbachev, though, when she said:

“You made this possible — you courageously let things happen, and that was much more than we could expect.”

Sounds like a slap in the face to me, when you would expect a leader to “not let” (see KILL instead) people bring down a wall imprisoning millions of innocent people. She thanks Gorby for not slaughtering innocent people. Heck, where’s Hasan’s congratulations for such courage? He was peaceful that day as well, but like Gorby (whose hands were already bloodied in Afghanistan, Hasan would get red stains later, but I digress.

The real courageous people responsible for the bringing down (I do not say the mere “fall” of the wall, as that word fits into the fake history of the left that it was “inevitable” that the wall would come down of its own weight) the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain across all of Europe were the veterans of the armed forces of the United States that liberated Western Europe in WWII (under FDR) and later South Korea; fought in Vietnam; and other wise put their lives on the line under the direction of containment policy Presidents Truman, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford and even Carter (more later) and under the direction of the only leader on Earth that sought to defeat the USSR (and did), Ronald Reagan.

The truth would set even Obama free, if he would only acknowledge it, and begin the healing of this land, and I would suggest he start with Peter Schweitzer’s “Reagan’s War”. That book recounts Reagan’s lifelong war against communism’s slavery of half the globe beginning with his heroic placement of his life on the line in 1940s-50s Hollywood against an attempted takeover of the unions by communists.

There were commie union organizer bullets with Reagan’s name on it. He broke the picket line anyway; much as he defied violent hippies at Berkeley in the 1960s; weathered Hinckley’s shots in the early 1980s and the violent nuclear freeze proponents and intermediate range missiles in Europe in the mid-80s.

Schweitzer documents Reagan’s “we win, you lose” plan formulated in the 1950’s and its precise implementation over the objections of nearly everyone in the 1980s; Lech Walesa and Polish Square re-namings in the 1990s along with various East German congratulations for bringing the wall down.

The book cites Kremlin diaries and tapes that credit Reagan’s military build-up; public calling out of the Soviet Empire as evil; and especially his refusal to drop Star Wars at Reykjavik as being responsible for the end of the USSR.

Contrary to leftist Democratic Party fiction, the fall of communism was not inevitable. The USSR was stronger in 1981 when Reagan took office than at any time in their history, save for before and immediately after WWII. The cuts in defense under LBJ, Nixon and Carter left Gorby with superiority in land-based missiles and troops on the move on three continents.

Reagan turned all that back by rejecting the mere containment/military equivalence policies he always saw as immorally sentencing two billion people to perpetual slavery for a policy of military superiority; confrontation and economic competition. He devised the plan in the 50s, implemented it in the 80s and saw it come to fruition in the 90s.

Obama could honor the vets that achieved the above and include his liberal hero Jimmy Carter, whose greatest act as President was to arm the Afghan resistance that led to the only Russian military defeat in history. I do find Schweitzer’s conclusion that Carter’s motivation was more personal than strategic, having kissed Brezhnev and trusted him, much as he had Iran’s Ayatollah. It is this personal way that too many democrats look at the world that makes them so feckless, weak and dangerous in foreign affairs. Not holding breath on this one, but maybe the economic facts of life could change the other major trait, which is that:

Dems don’t double dip care about jobs

Months ago President Obama floated a trial balloon that would have increased medical costs for veterans, while paying the bills for illegals. The balloon busted before even Fox News could bang the drum to try and get the see and hear no evil drive-by media monkeys and dems and indies still in denial to see the product of Rev Wright and Bill Ayers.

I think most Americans see Obama more for what he is now after Gates-gate and his Fort Hood 911. They were already starting to see the ObamaDems for what they are with the rush to pass a stimulus that only saved and created government jobs We the People have to fund thru taxes or inflation.

Does Obama care if former and retiring vets have jobs? What about their children and grandchildren? What about the 20% of We the People that are under- or unemployed? No signs yet, as documented by The Detroit News:

Americans are angry with Washington as much for what it isn’t doing as what it is. What it isn’t doing the most is paying attention to the still-raging economic disaster.

Last week’s job numbers show unemployment nationally bumping past 10 percent and surpassing 15 percent in Michigan. Unemployment keeps climbing, even though President Barack Obama and Congress nine months ago committed $787 billion to creating jobs.

Since then, neither the White House nor Congress has spent a minute honestly analyzing whether the stimulus program is accomplishing its goal, and if not, what other approaches might work. Instead, the administration is spinning dismal economic reports into positive news, allowing both it and Congress to ignore the economy while they pursue their ideological ends.

But while the economy tops every list of public concerns, job creation is not the hot topic in Washington. In fact, Democratic leaders, obsessed with reworking America, have proved more than willing to sacrifice precious jobs during the worst economic climate in a half-century.

It ought to infuriate anyone who’s lost a job, can’t find a job, is worried about his job or lives in a community ravaged by a lack of jobs that Congress devotes nearly all of its energy to arguing about health care. The promise of health care reform was not what got Democrats elected. Voters tossed Republicans on their fannies for ruining the economy, not because they didn’t enact wildly expensive social programs.

Read it all via link above…

Americans are angry and scared of the faltering economy that seems destined for a double dip and a President that assumes all whites are racist and no Muslims are terrorists, despite obvious evidence to the contrary over the past 40 years, and specifically over the past 4 months and 4 days.

We know what creates job. We saw Coolidge, JFK, Reagan, Clinton-Gingrich and Bush43 do it. Cut taxes and regulations and let Americans bail themselves out.

If Obama doesn’t start honoring veterans, as well as America generally, he will receive a dishonorable discharge after only 4 years.

Wouldn’t it be nice if on Thanksgiving Day would could thank God Obama finally got his mind right? Yes, but not holding breath and still counting pennies for a turkey wing.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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