Honor veterans by declaring war on PC, i.e. cowardly liars

Today’s national holiday honoring America’s military vets began as a celebration of the Armistice-signing end of The Great War on the “the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month” in 1918. Less than two years earlier, President Woodrow Wilson sent America’s finest “over there” to save Western Civilization from freedom’s enemies.

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But when even our armed forces are so paralyzed by a leftist-inspired “politically correct” American culture that they can’t remove an obvious threat to their own troops, own their own base, and in Texas for God’s sake, I wonder if Liberty itself is in its 11th hour.

We now know that those with the power to remove Major Nidal Hasan for access to our troops were aware of his seditious statements and behavior, including and not limited to: showing a Power Point call for jihad to other medical professionals in the Army; numerous expressions of opposition to America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and sympathy for the call for Muslims to unite against us; his collaboration with an an Imam that inspired three of the 911-hijackers; and numerous e-mail contacts with a known recruiter for al Qaida.

American security agencies investigated the killer of 13 and wounder of more than 50 at Fort Hood and did nothing. It appears that some of the investigations may have been conducted and concluded before the Empathizer-with-Islamists-in-Chief was inaugurated last January. We know that many of Hasan’s threatening actions took place as long ago as 2007, so this PC problem is endemic in the culture and so not necessarily correctable by the presence or absence of a war hawk in the White House.

How many pro-jihad sermons could Hasan have preached to shocked doctors and RNs before his commanding officers would discharge him from his duty to protect Americans from the Islamist terrorists to whom he adheres. Do we simply allow traitors to operate openly rather than risk being called a racist? How many must die for this idiocy.

The term political correctness was first coined by the founder of the evil empire, whose defeat we celebrated two days ago on the 20th anniversary of the Destruction (It didn’t merely “fall” of its own weight) of the Berlin Wall. Vladimir Lenin considered controlling the language to be a necessary predicate to enslaving the masses with Marxism. Lenin also considered lying to be a valid tactic to further the communist faith.

A better term for PC, as Dennis Prager stated on his radio show this week, is: lying cowards.

Lying cowards cry racism and bigotry when it does not exist.

Moreover, the lying cowards in the Drive-by media and on the left want to divert attention from the religious and treasonous aspect of the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 911 (more killed and wounded at the hands of Hasan than via Anthrax or the D.C sniper, who was executed yesterday in Virginia). They want to characterize the killing as “insane” or an “act of passion”, as if that excuses or diminishes the venality of the killings or has any relevance to the failures of our military and national security leaders to take actions to remove his threat from his fellow troops.

What matters is that otherwise intelligent people acted like fools, ignoring the obvious with glazed-over eyes looks and fearing the lying cowards that could call them a bigot more than they feared the likelihood that an obvious enemy of the nation they serve would one day levy war against them.

Which do they fear more today? How many innocent civilians and/or veterans in forts, trade centers or pentagons must die before enough Americans muster the courage to declare war on the PC lying cowards that turn our mental judgments to mush.

Or, has affluence and sloth produced a people too weak to wake up before we go the way of Rome?

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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