So morning in America and mourning Reagan leads to praising Gorbachev?

Massive outpouring of adulation for Reagan at the time of his death and funeral shamed most Leftist Democrats and Drive-by media into sharing credit with Reagan for the fall of the Evil Empire. But with President Barack Obama barely noting the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, his fellow ideologues re-write history by lauding the Communist leader whose head Reagan placed on the ash heap of actual history.

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When a communist Oswald snuffed out JFK, the anti-anti-communists in the Democratic Party completed their takeover of the party; snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Vietnam; nominated and elected a bemoaner of our “inordinate fear of communism”; appeased communists in Nicaragua; and, publicly and surreptitiously aided and abetted the Soviet-desired nuclear freeze and opposition to intermediate missiles in Europe.

Reagan, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II defeated Mikhail Gorbachev anyway. I do recall that Walter Mondale issued a tough statement and Mickael Dukakis rode in a tank along the way to feign toughness they didn’t believe in.

We saw a repeat of this typical aggression-inviting, weak on defense posture from the Democratic Party over the past decade after their 911-inspired support for the Iraq War didn’t result in a new Connecticut in the Middle East within 72 hours of the Shock and Awe. Democrats celebrated the prevention of homeland attacks after 911 by launching the “Bushlied Era” and feigned toughness on the Afghan theater and finding Osama bin Laden.

I knew the Democrats were faking it all along.

They never met an enemy since November 22, 1963 that they wouldn’t appease and never sought to claim credit for the fall of communism and the Berlin Wall before June 5, 2004, i.e. the day Ronald Wilson Reagan died.

I recall the obvious shock in the press that all their efforts to brand Reagan an affable dunce racist, the Reagan years an orgy of greed and the fall of communism as inevitable had failed when they saw the massive outpouring of love from the overwhelming majority of Americans for their fallen hero.

I’ll never forget that only after Reagan’s funeral did I hear Democrats laud Reagan for his efforts to defeat the Evil Empire and to claim shared credit.

And so, I am not shocked to see the latest Democratic Party President to dither while our troops languish in Afghanistan; refuse an invitation to celebrate the fall of an empire inspired by the same dreams of his own Marxist father; and hold out a standing invitation to meet, without pre-conditions, to a Holocaust-denying, Islamist terrorist evil empire in Iran.

Could it be that this same leftist mentality, enabled by the Democratic Party for so long, is responsible for allowing a subversive terrorist to remain a Major in the U.S. Army for years?

We think so.

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