Maj. Hasan as Anita Hill and Ft. Hood as Virginia Tech?

Has political correctness turned U.S. military bases into free speech, gun-free zones?

Before we address why an apparent anti-American subversive who frequently spoke in support of Muslim solidarity in jihad against the U.S. in Afghanistan and Iraq and, yet, was allowed to remain an officer in the U.S. military, DeVine Law Layman has a question for those with experience on military bases and any JAG officers within hearing of this rooster and Michael Ledeen’s voice:

Gun Control on Military Bases (?)
Lots of folks have wondered why there weren’t more soldiers with guns at Ft. Hood, and I’m one of them. Our younger Marine is home for the weekend from The Basic School at Quantico, and Barbara and I asked him if there were Marines with guns on the base. There are. Lots of them. And they move around all the time, checking places where Marines congregate, from classrooms to outdoor obstacle courses and parade fields and barracks. Apparently it occurred to the base commander some time ago that it was a bad idea to leave his men and women unprotected. (emphasis added?

Why would it take four long minutes to take down a mass murderer surrounded by hundreds of military officers on a U.S. military base? This is not the kind of competence and efficiency we are used to witnessing when our armed forces face the enemy off base? A spokesman for Fort Hood kept repeating that “they don’t carry guns in their home neighborhood”. What did he mean?

This incident reminds me of the Massacre in Blacksburg, made possible by Virginia Tech’s gun-free zone invitation to killers. What gives at Fort Hood? I’m asking.

So traumatized by racial epithets that he remains for eight long years?


DeVine Law sees the formation of a not guilty by reason of insanity or “fighting words” defense for Nidal Malik Hasan emerging with family members’ and others’ alleged recollections of complaints from the killer about his traumatizing endurance of racial epithets beginning soon after September 11, 2009.

This reminds of Anita Hill’s last hour allegations of actionable “sexual harassment” against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomasduring his nomination hearing. Ms. Hill was so traumatized by a supposed “pubic hair Coke can” joke that she followed him from job to job for as many years as Hasan kept drawing a check from a U.S. Army he loathed.

DeVine Law has another question for those with experience in the Armed Forces of the United States:

Is it hard to remove obviously dangerous, subversive members of the military from the non-subversive members? Are brigs still in use?

On the same day of the Fort Hood Massacre, Democrats in the U.S. Senate voted down a Republican proposal to include the following question on Census forms: Are you a U.S. citizen?

Has the same kind of political correctness that controls the ObamaDems of the Democratic Party, now disarm our Armed Forces from protecting themselves?

Serious questions.

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