Cockstradamus reminds Braves-Gamecock he crowed up climate-change consensus collapse years ago

 The extended sabbatical of the most famous living poultry oracle left the freezing temperature locale of Gore’s latest Global warming conference and arrived at the World’s Largest Cocktail Party last night in Jacksonville, Florida for the real climate change known as Dixie. (see also global warming happens every Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice…)

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Braves-Gamecock (pictured above) called his brother in the announcement of dawns to discuss the usual Saturday religious services from late August thru Pearl Harbor Day known as College Football and to see if Cockstradamus (pictured below) wanted to end his prognostication pause with a bark for the Dawgs against the Gators.


We regret that the chicken who predicted the creation of Huckabee on FNC continues to keep future visions to himself, but did get an earful of crowing concerning all the grief the Cocky version of Jimmy the Greek took for the two years past when he called the whole global warming aka climate change supposed consensus and political power a “fetish” of the spoiled affluent society that would evaporate with $4/gallon gas and the Great Recession, not to mention any suggestion that they give up Le Seur peas for the Bi-Lo brand lest we lose 50 feet of Manhattan Island in 50 years.

The American public cares not a whit about it anymore.

This year, we have seen more and more scientists have the courage to speak truth to government grant-giving power as my client in the case of The Sun v Gore has allowed the Earth to cool for 11 years.

huckleberry hound

The bluest thing the Blue Dawg Democrats (leader pictured) have ever done, to date, is to block the cap and trade tax assault on the poor, middle class and small business bill in the Senate. Yes, we hear that Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wants to give up his senate seat by compromising on the bill and are sure ObamaDems may well accommodate him and defy the public if they can sneak this monster thru. And yes, we are even more sure that Lawless Obama will usurp the power of Congress if they don’t make this law, by simple executive regulatory fiat that is hidden and creeps all over American living standards just in time for Obama, Pelosi and Reid to have been re-elected, before it kills trips by the poor to see grandma 35 miles away lest they can’t keep the gas on to stay warm amidst the climate change, but I digress.

Cockstradamus was right.

Now, here is hoping the Dawgs upset Tebow-Nation and eventually get half a brain and end the annual trips to same. Earth to Georgia: gators can take a bus to Athens!

carolina c

And of yes: USC Fighting Gamecocks (gamecock pictured, courtesy of The Minority Report) volunteer to beat Tennessee.

devine gamecock law

DeVine Law (pictured above) and Foghorn Leghorn (pictured below) approved.

Foghorn Leghorn

Remaining questions and issues: Thank God that neither Supreme Court nor Bush Administration didn’t mention chicken breath when they labeled CO2 a “pollutant”;…

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