Rush gets real apology from Whitlock

Jason Whitlock has long been one of this Rush Dittohead’s favorite sports and social commentators, so it was with much chagrin when he wrote a column during the recent Rush-NFL Rams-bid controversy repeating false racist statements to Limbaugh and his Excellence in Broadcasting “network”. But I am not surprised that the Kansas City Star reporter has redeemed himself:

Let me first apologize to Rush Limbaugh.

Last week in explaining why NFL commissioner Roger Goodell needed to put an end to Limbaugh’s latest publicity stunt, I attributed racially insensitive quotes to Limbaugh that I read in two Missouri newspapers, saw on CNN and confirmed through a Google search. Prior to posting the article, I never found a denial of these quotes by Limbaugh, and had no reason to believe those statements were not true.

It was unfair to Limbaugh. And I regret that. I’ve commented on some of his earlier controversies. I’ve long been an admirer of his broadcasting skills.

It’s nice to read a real apology without the “in case anyone was offended” caveat, isn’t it.

I regret to say that Whitlock still doesn’t totally “get” what Rush is all about given later comments in the mea culpa that equate some of Rush’s commentary to the “divisive” antics of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, but when one considers that much of Rush’s shtick is almost an inside joke for regulars, he can be forgiven. Moreover, when one reads the following from Whitlock, one realizes that he truly is of a conservative bent and open minded:

For the most part, I’ve never taken his political commentary all that seriously. There are virtually no modern-day political figures that I take seriously. Politics and politicians are too dishonest and too controlled by financial influences for my taste. I’ve never participated in American politics. I’ve never voted.

I am not right wing or left wing, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. I’m not beholden to any political agenda. An examination of my work at FOX Sports.com, the Kansas City Star and/or any of the places I’ve worked previously would reveal a free-thinking, hardcore independent.

I dislike and distrust everybody equally.

For the most part, doesn’t that attitude warm a conservative’s heart? it does mine, although given his overall philosophy, I wish he would vote because I think he would usually get it right!

My experiences with Whitlock have been almost totally positive over the years. He, like Limbaugh, was driven from many mainstream media sports talk shows due to his refusal to give race hustlers and thugs a pass. He also went to Jena, LA during that “noose” controversy:


The proof is in my work. As sports columnist, I went down to Jena, Louisiana on my own dime because I wanted to understand the Jena Six controversy. The way the “mainstream” media and Al Sharpton told the story made little sense to me. My suspicions were confirmed after visiting Jena. I wrote a long column for the Kansas City Star explaining how a little-known white minister — Alan Bean — crafted the Jena Six narrative, spoon-fed it to specific, liberal-leaning media members/outlets and watched from the sidelines as his totally one-sided, inaccurate narrative became accepted as fact by virtually all major media organizations.

I pay a price for my independence. I know what it feels like to be unfairly called a racist. It happens to me almost every week after one of my columns. Depending on the topic or the conclusion I reach, black and white people take turns arguing that I hate black or white people.

My point is some days I’m sympathetic to Limbaugh’s plight. He’s a push-the-envelope entertainer. His parody song “Barack The Magic Negro” is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard on radio. It’s not racist. It’s genius.

Whitlock goes on to express some misguided views of much of Rush’s work, but I am not holding him responsible for fully understanding Rush. Whitlock is not a perfect man, and for that matter neither is Rush nor this crowing rooster, but Jason is about the same business as Rush: truth. Whitlock finds it more often than not, and has the Rush-like courage we need in this culture.

Whitlock joins other courageous black commentators like Juan Williams, Steve Smith and many black NFL players defending Rush. Had Rush’s white business partners had 48 hours more patience, I’ll bet the Rams would have been theirs.


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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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