GOP must expose ObamaDem-o-bats to town hall health care light

ObamaDemCare tactics irrelevant to GOP’s essential strategy. Republicans must reject any bill that does not end state health insurance monopolies

It appears that the light of day that coincided with the Congressional end of summer recess killed the public option. But other nocturnal liberal dangers live on in the darkness of the post-Autumnal equinox with Congress re-adjourned.

In recent days we hear that Harry Reid use parliamentary tactics to attach liberal health care provisions to the old House AIG-confiscatory taxes bill to avoid the constitutional requirement that revenue bills originate in the House; we see some polls showing a 50/50 split on ObamaCare after weeks of plurality or majority negatives; and we hear moderate republican voices urging compromise in the area of increased regulation of private insurance companies.

The Democratic Party majorities will do what they will do. If they want to ram a bill through on their own, they can. If they do, they will pay the price, unless they are given cover by cowards in the GOP.

That a bill does not have a public option is not nearly enough to justify supporting ANY bill that includes ANY of the following provisions:

1. Mandate that individuals buy health insurance;
2. Mandate that insurance companies accept all applicants for policies no matter if they have pre-existing conditions;
3. Mandate that private insurance companies ensure portability of policies.

The first mandate violates the basic liberty our founders fought and died for and which forms the basis of our historic prosperity. The second and third mandates destroy the very basis upon which the whole insurance business is based.

Most of the problems of pre-existing conditions and portability would be solved with the end of state monopolies. The interstate commerce clause was included in the Constitution specifically to address this precise circumstance.

Republicans and conservative democrats must not vote for ANY health care bill that does not insist upon free markets across state lines in the health insurance industry, and should also insist upon federal tort reform as well, without which, we will suffer a huge loss in the supply of doctors and thus, suffer monumental increases in the cost of health care.

The GOP must resist the temptation to appease the misinformed public support for regulations concerning pre-existing conditions. If they don’t, they will lose the issue and this country will be exponentially closer to the Gomorrah we have been slouching towards for decades of increasingly powerful government.

The fact of the matter is that it is certain that no bill coming out of this Congress could possibly be worth voting for. ZERO!

It is a lie that the “status quo” is unacceptable. The town hall era showed that a large majority of Americans are content with their Medicare and/or private insurance. We need reforms but we can get none as long as Dems rule Congress and Obama is president. Period.

The status quo is wonderful compared to anything the ObamaDems could possibly propose. These are the times that try men’s souls and GOP spines.

For the sake of We the People, please hold firm.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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