Can you get warm with ObamaDems' lump of coal for Christmas?

Liberals want power in the name of insects and fish but don’t dare burn coal for human warmth or Edison’s light bulb unless you save up enough of the lumps ObamaDems place in your Christmas stockings.

Given the 40+ year history of the Democratic Party’s advocacy of social and economic policies that have repeatedly failed to help the poor beyond were subsistence living dependency on government; given their opposition to Reagan supply side policies that have proven successful at lifting the poor out of poverty; and given ObamaDems’ advocacy of “energy/climate change/environmental” policies that raise gasoline, heating oil and food prices and cost jobs, I can only conclude that ObamaDems don’t care about the poor and middle class.

Or at least their “caring” takes forms with which I am not familiar and after 18 years a Democrat official until my conservative epiphany in 2000, before which I had to actively resist the party line lie that Republicans didn’t care about the old, inform and poor, I think it apropos that Democrats take some of their own medicine especially given the actual evidence against them.

Now, it seems, the politically correct, self-appointed protectors of Native Americans from sports mascots, have targeted the ones they claim to care for:

PHOENIX — The president of the Navajo Nation joined other Native American leaders this week in assailing environmentalists who have sought to block or shut down coal-fired power plants that provide vital jobs and revenue to tribes in northern Arizona.

“These are individuals and groups who claim to have put the welfare of fish and insects above the survival of the Navajo people when in fact their only goal is to stop the use of coal in the U.S. and the Navajo Nation,” said Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr., who presides over America’s largest Indian reservation, which sprawls over three states and claims a population of about 250,000.

Shirley’s remarks came Wednesday after the Hopi Nation’s Tribal Council sent a message Monday to the Sierra Club and a handful of other environmental groups: Stay off the reservation.

Candidate Barack Obama threatened to bankrupt the coal industry and said We the People need to learn a lesson from high fuel prices. He had no problem with $4.00/gallon gasoline, but just wished the higher prices could have been acheived at a slower pace. We now see why, as his overreach of big goverment liberalism seems to have awakened us We the People lobsters with boiling water after we had been accepting the death of liberty via slowly warming lukewarm waters of creeping socialism.

But the water boiled before the vehicle to harm the poor called “Cap and Trade” could raise energy prices and before health care was socialized. But they wanted to pass both before we had 72 minutes to read them, much less the 72 hours Pelosi and Obama promised but didn’t live up to.

Yes, ObamaDems don’t care about the poor, much less the lower and middle class, and it wouldn’t hurt the GOP to say so in just those moral terms. I think the elderlt are quite conducive to hera that argument now after the assault on Medicare, don’t you? And now most surely are Indians that want to stay warm and have light bulbs in Arizona.

And aren’t Obama’s allies in California also causing a drought there as well?

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