Why would GOP rather Obama focus on non-Olympic issues?

Does anyone like the results of Obama’s focus of the past 47 years?

RNC Chairman Michael Steele called the President’s visit to Copenhagen to lobby for a Chicago Olympiad “noble” (given that the Windy City is Barack’s hometown) but still a “distraction” from more pressing issues like health care and job creation.

Given the millions of jobs lost since Obama started focusing on job creation nine months ago, I think America is better off with our 44th Chief Executive distracted.

I will admit that one could cynically argue that the more Obama has focused on health care, the less likely has become prospects that the more onerous aspects of ObamaDem proposals will become law. But I fear the more likely result of the kind of focus that many congressional republicans crave that would make them players in a compromise bill, would actually increase the prospects for passage of a law that would do permanent harm to our health care system.

The ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Pete Hoekstra wants the Commander in Chief to focus on the Afghan War:

“Mr. President, identify what is important and focus on what’s important. Not everything rises to the level of needing presidential involvement.”

I concede that it is possible that General Stanley McChrystal could persuade the new War Decider to take a more hawkish stance in the war and increase troops for an Iraq Surge-like anti-insurgency campaign to crush the Taliban.

But it appears to me that the more Obama focuses on foreign policy, the more likely he is to choose appeasement, apology tours and betrayals of those that year to breathe free. The man is not the Leader of the Free World and given his world view after 47 years of indoctrination by Marxist parents, Ivy League liberals, and the Chicago, Illinois and National Democratic parties, I doubt only a 911 that takes out US Cellular-New Comiskey Park would have a chance to make his focus worthwhile.

After all, Wrigley Field isn’t big enough for track and field events.

Finally, GOP strategist John Feehery said it was important for Republicans to pick their battles in deciding how and when to criticize Obama.

But Feehery, a Chicago native who said he is rooting for the city to win the Games, said GOP complaints about Obama’s trip were well-founded.

“He’s taking a bunch of Chicago cronies on an all expense paid trip to Copenhagen for just one reason, to get the Olympics,” Feehery said. “For me it makes him seem unserious and look slightly desperate.”

And? Surely it is better for America that President Obama fail in achieving his Big Government policy goals, and surely that outcome is advanced when the leader of ObamaDems is seen as unserious and desperate.

A successful America is paramount, and given this President’s radical domestic agenda and obvious aversion to defending America’s traditional ideals of Liberty abroad, we are better off with an unsuccessful Obama presidency.

If Obama had shown any inclination to advance a strong defense and deterrent posture abroad, I would be a strong voice for not seeking to weaken the President, but Obama’s goal abroad is weakness! His previous focus on the War on Terror is to retreat from the war in hopes that our enemies will love us for surrendering.

Republicans couldn’t help this guy if we tried, so quit trying, and for Gosh sakes pick better battles rather than acting like rats following the MSM pied piper.

Chicago is not just Obama’s hometown; a red city run by Democrat thugs in a red state.

Chicago is America, and there is nothing wrong with lobbying for getting the Olympics to come there. Want to criticize Obama. Choose substance. That will occupy all your time.

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