Netanyahu Alone?

At least when Churchill was the leader of the free world, he didn’t face nukes

My president, the President of the United States is not the leader of the free world.

Excuse me while I sit down to weather the impact of this chilling fact and the likelihood that Barack Obama wouldn’t even aspire to be known by that appellation even if he understood the meaning of “free”. Maybe he would assume the mantle after a catastrophe, but I doubt it, unless the catastrophe directly affected his own personal quiet enjoyment of his own domicile, literally.

For doesn’t the highly educated President have the benefit of hindsight that Wilson and Chamberlain (pictured) lacked as they allowed Germany to rebuild their war machine in violation of the Versailles Treaty that ended the carnage of The Great War? Hasn’t Barack learned the lesson that only Churchill understood for six years before the 1940 Blitzkrieg? Wasn’t B. Hussein Obama an adult when Carter discovered the “ordinate fear of Communism” and the evil of the religious Ayatollah in Iran?

Or, does Obama simply not care about the Persian people? Hondurans? Georgians? Poles? Czechs? Ukrainians?

One of Obama’s first acts as President was to remove and return a bust of Winston Churchill to the UK that had been given to President George W. Bush soon after 911 as a symbol of their solidarity with the America people.

He then proceeded to throw the freedom-demanding Iranian people under the bus after a rigged election so as not to upset the dictatorial riggers he so wishes to summit with.

Iran has been continuously designated the most prolific sponsor of terrorism in the world since at least 1979. They waged war against American soldiers in Iraq. They threaten to wipe Israel of the map. They have missiles that will reach Israel and are close to developing a nuclear bomb that could level that small nation.

Obama rails against bedroom additions to Jewish homes on the West Bank.

Only the Prime Minister of Israel called out the evil institution of the United Nations for its shame in abiding Iran’s holocaust-denier.

I tremble in fear for Liberty and especially for the human beings that will be killed and/or subjected to tyranny during this era devoid of a superpower champion of Liberty.

What are freedom loving Americans to do? Must we form a “underground” movement to aid freedom fighters?

Pray for the Nation of Georgia and Honduras especially tonight.

My friends, the Miracle that is America is much more clearly revealed as a miracle today, because before there was an America, there was never a leader of the free world.

Pray that President Obama sees the light before his abdication plunges millions back into the darkness before The Shining City on a Hill made his cushy life possible.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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