Most whites hate liberal policies, not Black people [updated]

America elected a Black man to hold the nukes, case closed on race.

America loathed the policies of White Democrat President Jimmy Carter and his filibuster proof Democratic Party majorities in Congress. They turned him out of office by a landslide in favor of a Conservative Republican.


 [Update: I can only conclude that President Carter is projecting his own suppressed racism given his recent comment that the reason for such supposed unique vitriol against President Barack Obama is that many whites don’t think Blacks are fully qualified to be President. Did President Carter miss the much greater vitriol against white Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and even himself for God’s sake.

Or is President Carter simply foisting the old lie from the Democrats’ playbook of the past 40+ years that to be a conservative is to be a racist, bigot, homophobe that cares not for the poor.

Not to mention my Congressman from the 4th Congressional District here in DeKalb County, Georgia, Hank Johnson’s suggestion this week (backed up by fellow Democrat and his Speaker Pelosi’s predictions of violence) that recent criticisms of Obama portend KKK raids on horseback are just around the bend.

Having just returned to Atlanta happy that Cynthia McKinney no longer represents me and having recently praised Rep. Johnson for a dignified Town Hall meeting on health care that didn’t try to hide his constituents opposition to ObamaCare, I was quite disappointed that Johnson stooped to such a low level of discourse.]

They rejected the policies of White Democrat Walter Mondale and re-elected the Conservative Republican by an even larger landslide.

America loathed the policies of White Democrat Michael Dukakis and elected a more conservative Republican by a large margin.

 That so-called Conservative Republican President broke his read-my-lips no-new-taxes pledge and was rejected in favor of a White Democrat Bill Clinton promising to cut middle-class taxes, albeit, and significantly, by a less than 50% popular majority.

Two years later, after the White Democrat President broke his tax cut pledge, pushed for gays in the military and tried to impose socialized health care on America, Americans turned the House of Representatives over to the GOP for the first time in 40 years.

The White Democrat President was re-elected after following the Conservative GOP Congress to enact welfare reform, free trade and supply side tax cuts.

The White Incumbent Democrat ran to the left of the successful Presidency and lost the electoral vote to the marginal Conservative Republican favoring tax cuts.

The marginal conservative Republican President that enacted tax cuts that prevented a post-911 recession and kept us safe after 911 was re-elected over a White liberal Democrat.

The Great Recession hits White and Black.

An American electorate more than 78% White elects a Liberal Black Democrat Barack Obama, that promised he would not raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250K, along with a filibuster proof Congress.

The Liberal Black Democrat President and the Democratic Party Congress repeat the mistakes of Carter’s four years and Clinton’s first two years by advocating liberal policies.

The Liberal President and Congress fall in the polls.

The vast majority, the overwhelming majority of Americans are not racist. Those same Americans do care a whole lot about their wallets, liberty and national security.

Hence the above history.

Period. Not pictured are Mondale and Dukakis, nor any of the liberal Democratic Party congressional leaders, most of whom were or are White.

What the rejected have in common is not skin pigmentation. Rather it is failed modern day liberalism policies.


And any suggestion to the contrary is a damn lie; slander against White people; and even greater slander against America.

And those that suggest same reveal their inability to intellectually defend ObamaDem policies and so, their desperation.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson