Scars of the "Bushlied" Era and McCain's "honorable friends"

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) publicly called President Barack Obama a liar during his health care address to a joint session of Congress. He unequivocally apologized at his first opportunity. What has most surprised me about the aftermath is how muted is the criticism of Wilson, and I think this fact is quite instructiive, and will address why this is so after a review of the recent history of “liar” labeling.

Within about 72 hours of the Fall of Saddam, the leadership of the Democratic Party broke the post-911 unity and turned on President George W. Bush when stockpiles of WMD were not discovered. They variously accused him of lying about Saddam’s possession of WMD in order to trick us into war or stated that he “misled” us into war. The latter is polite beltway speak for lie. Using the “misled” term allowed you to drink cocktails with McCain and Graham in Georgetown.

No matter that one who actually did mislead a nation into war would be guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors deserving of Impeachment or worse. No matter that there was no evidence of same. Thus was launched the “Bushlied Era” of American history when the Democratic Party made arguments for free that Saddam’s lawyer, OBL and Iran would have paid them to make. Thus did the Democrats embolden our foreign enemies to fight on until their pansie asses gained power so that they could ultimately prevail in the War on Terror.

I have never forgiven the Democrats that lied about President Bush. None admitted their lies and asked for forgiveness.

I have never forgiven the Democrats that acquiesced in the lies by their silence.

And finally, I have never forgiven the Republicans that remained polite in the face of the lies, so much greater is their love of themselves and the Senate than of their Country.

I am left with a very low opinion of the elected politicians in Washington and have very low expectations of them.

Decorum rules that forbid calling liars what they are what Edmund Burke and Martin King referred to as how the doing of nothing by good people allows evil to triumph.


Hence, my joy that a man in Washington finally called out the 20-year pew-parked butt in Jeremiah Wright’s Hate America Church for what he is.

And, btw, if anyone is offended, I apologize.

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