Post-911 truth for 911-Truthers


My morning walk in downtown Covington, Georgia brought me into a laundromat to see pictures of the a burning World Trade Center tower that I had just heard reported on 750 WSB-AM had been slammed into by an airplane.

Staring at the small dusty television above the front-loading washers, I saw a second plane strike the remaining Tower. My first thoughts were of the safety of my oldest best friend in a federal building in downtown Atlanta and my newest best friend in a newspaper office in nearby Decatur. I had lived in the Atlanta Metro area for four months before 3000 Americans died at the hands of Islamist terrorists on September 11, 2001.

No more 911s after 911

I could hardly have imagined then, that eight years later there has not been another similar attack on American soil. It hasn’t been luck, and it surely hasn’t been because, as the “911-Truthers” variously claim, that President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were co-conspirators with Osama bin Laden; carried out the attacks independently of OBL; or purposefully allowed the attacks knowing they were imminent.

No, the reasons for the past eight years of peace are due to the diligence of the Bush Administration if defending the Homeland and taking the fight to the Islamist enemy in its homeland.


Let us review  a number of the most important steps taken by the Bush Administration:

  • President Bush told Attorney General John Ashcroft (pictured): “Don’t let this happen again.” He didn’t. The Justice Department immediately rounded up over 800 visa overstays from Muslim/Arab countries. This may have been the main reason there were no immediate follow-up attacks after 911 by sleeper cells.
  • The “Gorelick Wall” erected during the Clinton Administration to prevent the sharing of intelligence lest a terrorist not be read his Miranda rights, was torn down.
  • The United States removed the Taliban and, thus, Al Qaida’s nation-state safe haven.
  • Two high-level captured terrorists, including the mastermind of 911, had their noses swabbed and squealed like pigs so that Los Angeles was spared its 911. Liberal panties wadded up at the thought, but thanks to the nose-swabbings, the panties weren’t incinerated.
  • A terrorist nation that had defied the United States and the UN for a decade continued its defiance of WMD inspectors; fired on US planes; provided medical care and safe haven to Abu Nidal other terrorist; rewarded suicide bombers of innocents on public TV; and otherwise violated a ceasefire that American soldiers died to achieve. This same Saddam Hussein had also tried to assassinate President George H.W. Bush and openly trained terrorist hijackers in his Iraq. He used WMD against his own people and fired missiles at Israel.
  • The United States removed the dictator and accepted Libya’s surrender. Tens of thousands of al Qaida’s trained for jihad on American soil sped to Iraq instead to repel the Great Satan. Tens of thousands of terrorists went to join the 73 virgins courtesy of the Armed Forces of the United States and purple-fingered freedom fighters in Iraq. They never made it to the Fruited Plain, despite the launching of the “Bushlied” era by the press and the Democratic Party.

The truth that any group of “truthers” concerned with 911 can be sure of is the past eight years of peace in the Lower Forty-Eight, Alaska and Hawaii.

God bless George W. Bush, the FBI, CIA and the armed forces of the United States. No thanks to 911-Truthers and other enemy emboldeners.

I refer to the formerly obscure 911-Truthers because of the recent rearing of their ugly heads in the form of the resignation of President Obama’s “Green Czar” and the curious press blackout before the resignation and even more curious denial techniques by some examiners, especially those here in Atlanta. I suspect that to speak too much of Jones would remind too many of Obama and Rev. Wright.

The supremely talented Athens Liberal Examiner disappointed this Braves-Gamecock with her cursory mention of his signing of the outrageous document accusing our government of either knowingly allowing the 911 attacks or actively conspiring in them. Jones claims a lack of reading comprehension before his John Hancock was applied. Katy Burtner didn’t see fit to mention any of his other outrageous statements that include blatant racism, which he has not denied. Guess he didn’t get the post-Skip Gates memo.

But we are told what a great “green jobs” hero (Another Atlanta examiner proclaims he created all of 25 jobs! Not enough to man a Major League Baseball team, but probably a spectacular stimulus per dollar compared to the ObamaDems’ $780B version that was to save us from 8% unemployment, but I digress in the face of the 9.7% rate…) he is, but the main claim to fame is that an organization he founded got some advertises to boycott FNC’s Glenn Beck show.

Jones resigned. Beck is still on the air.

I will give credit to my Georgia Bulldog colleague, on the eve of their fight with my Gamecocks between the hedges, in her generous perspective on statements by Beck concerning disdain for 911 and Katrina whiners. Good job.

But doesn’t today’s anniversary make clear just how much we owe to those that have defended us since 911? And how outrageous it is that a man like Van Jones could be appointed to serve a President of the United States sworn to defend our nation?

And, finally, how outrageous it is that this Commander-in-Chief seeks to punish those that defended us ex post facto?

I just hope that none of those schools that refused to cancel reading, writing and arithmetic for the Dear Leader speech (Obama at first advertised the speech as an opportunity to support President Obama, not America), don’t find themselves the target of Obama’s pitchforks.

Wait till next year

[Post-script: After this past weeks Atlanta Braves disaster, we are suspending the Braves-Gamecock sports column for needed mourning and rest.]

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