Drive-bys powerless to prevent Obama retractions, resignations and website revisions

We the People eventually determine what is truly politically correct and render the verdict. Elected Republicans need to recognize this fact; quit repeating MSM beltway-speak mantras that every damning revelation merely “raises more questions”; stop fearing the PC police and declare the obvious import of the facts about ObamaDemLibs.

Despite a press dominated by liberals, I never remember President Bush retracting any public statements; accepting the resignations of any employee due to public statements; nor revising websites to remove data then being discussed in the press.

The white Cambridge police were stupid racial profilers before they were worthy beer drinking partners of Obama & Biden @ The White House.

Van Jones was worthy of Czar status after Valerie “Chicago gun moll” Jarrett watched him for years and before Da’ Boss stopped watching him. Turned out that CBS, NBC, ABC and the New York Times failed to inform Obama and the American people of the problem, yet miraculously, Jones assumed they all knew of it and quit his job at Midnight on Saturday. I just hope that the 25 jobs he had created are saved by the stimulus, but I digress.

Requests for “fishy” emails opposing ObamaCare and spam emails from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to any one on Earth were perfectly acceptable before Fox News dared look up the law. The White House website was scrubbed.

Turned out the Veterans Administration website was dirty with Death Manual invitations sent after Inauguration Day from an Administration that frequently insists it doesn’t want to “pull the plug in grandma.” The non-existent death panel language was scrubbed from the House Bill.

More dirt sullied the Chief Executive’s Internet contribution with homework admonitions that they “support President Obama”, and so they washed that off too.

What do all these incidents have in common and what makes them significant going forward for the GOP and We the People?

Elected Republicans need not fear the Press nor speaking the blunt truth about President Obama.

We the People get it. Yes, many voters went into denial and elected the appointer of Communists, hater of white police, email privacy invader and God’s partner in life and death. But that was when John “too timid to mention the 20-year pew-parked butt in Rev. Wright’s Hate America Church” McCain’s party held the nation’s highest office during a severe economic crisis and many had White Guilt to purge.

Well, that Cambridge police officer is not the only person to have purged his white guilt last November and now Obama and his party wield all power while the Great Recession lives.

Obama has been found out.

Oh yes, anyone with ears to hear found him out before he was elected based on his past statements, associations and votes in Congress. But Americans don’t want to to think that the Biden-declared clean, articulate black guy whose approval would make them feel even cleaner is, rather, a pre-conversion Malcolm X.

They wanted to believe he was the Cosby show. This 21st Century version just got cancelled in favor of New Jack City. Nino Brown wanted to bum rush the whole damn place but fell short.

Elected Republicans have been offered a spine by Town Hall attending voters. Obama can be, and in fact has been, rolled.

Stand up Pachyderms and remind the now receptive independence, blue dogs and former Reagan Dems of what Obama said before the election about teaching us a lesson with higher energy prices; favoring high gasoline prices that get high slowly; and bankrupting the coal industry so that a racist 911-Truther can create green jobs. 25 and counting. Aside: Green jobs are best understood in Dickens’ novels. Think jobs for Horse dung sweepers; chimney sweeps and death panels.

The fact is that the Obama Administration has avoided Van Jones like the plague because there simply is no explanation that can pass muster with a population living in economic hard times; fearful of losing their health insurance and no longer fearful of offending militant blacks lest they be called a racist.

The pocketbook trumps all the ObamaDem and Drive-by media bull and now, the sermons of Rev. Jeremiah Wright ring true. True, that is, about the one that was married by him; had his children baptized by him and titled his second biography after the CIA-AIDS-Truther’s Audacity of Hope.

If Elected Republicans will use the transplanted spine from We the People, Obama and the Dems will have no hope in 2010 and 2012. Using that spine means not waiting on a Liberal Press jury to render a verdict after answering questions they deem raised by events that have already occurred.


Events have not raised more endless questions about Obama

That MSM construct is part of decades’ old strategy of moving goalposts that the GOP too often falls prey to, that ends up with Republicans relenting and letting Democrats off the hook when they come up with a better lie that the MSM accepts.

NO! We have the answers, not more questions. We are the jury and they don’t get to ask more questions. GOP, render the damn verdict on the Marxist!

The events already compel a verdict beyond a reasonable doubt and that verdict is that Obama is a liar about the vetting of Van Jones and writ large about who he claimed to be while seeking votes last year. The verdict is that while he is under contract for four years, he works for We the People. he is not our Czar and his sycophant press can’t protect him any more than it could protect Carter or destroy the re-elected Reagan or George W Bush.

Ditch the beltway speak and start making the moral case against the policies of Obama and the Democrats.

Conservative beltway columnists must also ditch the conventional non-wisdom and for God’s sake, stop writing columns bemoaning the failed Obama “presidency” and offering him advice other than converting to a free market, limited government, strong defense conservative. No more advice on how he could trick us with lies and incremental ism.

In short and as usual, the best salesman for conservative is the experience of living under liberal rule. Conservatism is a hard sell, what with the product accessories not including batteries, i.e. a check.

But Obama has been seen for what he is by a public that so wanted to have hope. He is no longer believed. It was one thing to in indulge Jackson and Sharpton and those inspired by them. It is quite another to indulge it from the man that was hired by them in good faith to protect the nation and promote the general welfare.

A nation whose electorate is over 78% white will not be told they are racist by the black man they vote in. Obama’s Gates-gate was a seminal moment that proved that Inauguration Day ended an era of indulging black racist hustlers and their white liberal fools. Many that purged their white guilt last November were, in fact, moderate and liberal whites that resent being passed over due to race after busting their butts in academia and on the job.

Now, we will make our own hope.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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