Death Partnership with God, DeVine law, and devining Atlanta examiners

Obamessiah rejects Old and New Covenants, insists on equal Partnership with God on matters of life and death

Before Barack Obama was electorally baptized, he famously defended his pro-abortion position by declaring that determining when life begins was “above his pay grade.”

Apparently, a President’s salary so exceeds that of a mere U.S. Senator that even partnering with the Almighty is part of the job description:

Obama, on conference call with a group of rabbis, last week: “We are God’s partners in matters of life and death.”

This statement was made in the context of the debate over government “death panels” as inherently part of any public option and/or end of life counseling. ObamaDems denied their existence and then removed them from the bill.

Obama has repeatedly, to the point of an unseemly flippancy, declared that he doesn’t want to “pull the plug on Grandma.” No matter that he publicly told the daughter of an otherwise healthy centenarian who needed a pacemaker that government heath insurance shouldn’t approve such life-extending treatment based on subjective concerns and that his own grandmother should not receive coverage for a hip replacement, but I digress.

I guess he has a very narrow definition of “plug”, as now he rejects the Old and New Testaments, which are actually “covenants.” Covenants are agreements or contracts between “un-equals,” with God having the higher pay grade. The higher power in a covenant makes promises that he will keep in exchange for certain conduct from the lower powers.

Senator Obama considered himself powerless to save a baby in a womb that the mother wanted to kill and rejected  a law in Illinois that would require life-saving treatment to infants born alive after botched abortions.

The covenants demand “Thou shall not kill.”

President Obama apparently now deems himself (identified as “we” in the earlier quote) an equal partner with God and has negotiated a partnership to replace the testaments.

There was always no place to hide from God and the wages of sin are death. ObamaDem champions of the right to “privacy” when killing babies, would leave us no place to hide from them under heath “care” reform.

You can’t hide in the womb or outside the womb. You can’t hide in a VA hospital, as he resurrected its Death Book, and you can’t hide behind loving daughters and otherwise good health to get a pacemaker.

I sure would like to see a copy of this new partnership agreement.

DeVine Law Gamecock

Is it unreasonable to expect each member of the nation’s highest court, especially when taking action unprecedented in nearly 40 years and even more especially on a claim of actual innocence in a death penalty case, to make clear their particular vote?

I don’t favor allowing video coverage of oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court (or any court for that matter, but that issue is one for another day), but is it too much to ask that servants in a co-equal branch of the government We the People established not play mystery games that require that we guess at their acts of governance?

I refer, specifically, to last month’s “apparent” (remember that word for later reference) majority decision to transfer an original petition for a writ of habeas corpus to a federal District Court to review a claim of actual innocence in the Georgia Murder conviction of Troy Anthony Davis.

Why do I say apparently?

The only written evidence of the action, which ordinarily requires five votes, are a concurring opinion joined by three justices and a dissenting opinion joined by two justices. Justice John Paul Stevens’ concurring opinion informs us that the newly sworn Justice Sonia Sotomayor took no part in the case.

Thanks for small favors.

Not one word is uttered about the participation of the Chief Justice of the United States, nor Associate Justices Samuel Alito or Anthony Kennedy. Do they still live? To learn of their votes did one have to constantly monitor the front steps of Supreme Court building in case a crier appears to make an announcement at 2am?

And don’t just take my word for this. Even those bloggers whose lives are dedicated to near exclusive reporting on the Judicial Branch sound like Catholic acolytes awaiting smoke from a Pope-deciding smokestack:

The Court did not disclose how each of the Justices had voted, other than the dissents of Justices Scalia and Thomas. Presumably, however, an order of this kind would have required the approval of at least five votes.  Justices Breyer, Ginsburg and Stevens presumably voted for the order; their opinion said the case was the type was was exceptional enough to qualify for the action.  It is unclear how Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., or Justices Anthony M. Kennedy and Samuel A. Alito, Jr., voted, if they did, but it appears that at least two of them would have had to agree to the step taken.

Is this any way to run a railroad? Maybe a King’s Star Chamber, but not self government. This reminds of the near useless Congressional websites that don’t list the party of its members, as if they are above such petty concerns.The arrogance of the current Chief Executive pitchfork-wielder and Czar-appointer needs no elaboration.

The message from all three branches of government seems to be that We the People are actual We the Peons.

Gamecock from Stone Mountain of Georgia roost

As was our habit in Charlotte, we regularly examine the musings of our local colleagues in addition to commentary on the law and politics. This Labor Day weekend, we do all three, as Gamecock needs to clear his palate before announcing dawn on Tuesday.

Acworth’s liberal examiner caught our attention with her “Whatever happened to respect for the President“? Apparently Sitafa Harden missed the “Bushlied” era just passed, not to mention the attacks on Presidents Adams and Cleveland and all presidents in between and since, but I digress. Specifically, she writes:

We have all heard about the health care town hall meetings where some people have shown up with loaded guns and even made blatant assassination threats.

“Some people”? Remember that phrase for later reference.

Many states have laws that allow concealed and/or open carrying of firearms. Moreover, there is a Second Amendment. But, appropriately, the Secret Service is still allowed to and does prohibit civilians from carrying guns at Presidential appearances.

Sadly, more than half of our Chief Executives have experienced assassination attempts, with four not surviving.

Sadly, there is nothing new under the Sun, even in the Age of Obama, for “some” to make blatant threats against presidents. Did you miss the Bush Assassination movie acclaimed by the left for its artistic value?

Then, on Thursday parents and school administrators in six states accused the president’s planned back-to-school address to the nation’s children of being a socialist tactic to take over the minds of young people.

But when basic privileges that every previous president has been afforded, like speaking to school children without his words being pre-screened…

I do agree that much of the opposition to the President’s planned speech to all school children in America has been overblown, but there is no basic privilege to speak to school children. In fact this is the first time any President has ever requested to do this. Moreover, copies of nearly all presidential addresses in the modern era are given to the Press beforehand.

It is dangerous because these are the same seeds of derision that fostered the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War and the same kind of publicly endorsed indignity that allowed the institution of Jim Crow to flourish for so many years in this country.

The good news is that people harboring such noxious sentiments appear to be isolated to a relatively small segment of the population. The bad news is that their antics consistently get them airtime on the evening news.

“Publicly endorsed indignity” akin to “seeds of derision that fostered the outbreak” of the War between the States? Doesn’t that comparison diminish the massive evil of slavery? I think so.

Since Cain slew Abel, “some” people kill. From Adams through Bush II, presidents in America are not treated like Kings. Presidents are politicians with political opponents who can reasonably oppose having their children be part of a captive audience.

So, whatever happened to respect for the president? George Washington died. But guess what, “some” didn’t even respect him.

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