Compared to Czar Obama, Green Jobs Czar Truther is a patriotic trooper

Did Van Jones sit in Jeremiah Wright’s pews for twenty years?

I so tire of the mass glazed over eyes drive-by media amnesia concerning the radicalism of Democratic Party leaders, including the President of the United States, whenever slow news days allow a recent radical statement by a Democrat peon to become a cause celeb’, as if the peon is anything other than mainstream within the world’s oldest political party.

But what I tire of most is that our own conservatives in the GOP and the press enable the fiction that there is a substantial difference between the radical left and the leaders of the Dem Party, i.e. their honorable beltway pals.

So, the 20-year acolyte of a church that honored Louis Farrakhan appointed a 911-Truther to his administration? We elected as Appointer-in-Chief, the husband a woman that had never been proud of the greatest nation in the history of Earth until 2008.

The Green Jobs Czar wondered aloud if President George W. Bush was a co-conspirator in the mass murder of 3000 Americans on September 11, 2001. And?

His party and Obama’s party cried Bushlied about the Iraq War from 2004 until…, well they never stopped.

That a majority of Americans elected this man doesn’t change the facts of his own KNOWN AT THE TIME OF THE ELECTION radical statements, associations and acts that far exceed those of Van Jones.

Moreover, since the election, has Van Jones insulted our closest ally by returning the bust of their greatest leader since King Arthur, which was given soon after 911 as a show of solidarity? Has the Czar in charge of commissioning chimney sweeps and horse dung sweepers in the brave new earth friendly world conducted foreign apology tours describing America as “derisive” for removing a mass murderer of hundreds of thousands of Muslims and liberating over 50 million adherents of Islam?

President Obama has more than kept up with the Joneses in the radical un-truther department.

Whether it was the “fatal flaws” in the Constitution that limited the power of government and merely articulated “negative” liberties or the desire to bankrupt the coal industry, Obama is second to none in his radical bone fides.

The Dreams of his Father was Marxism. The inspiration for The Audacity of Hope was a CIA-Aids Truther that saw 911 as chickens coming home to roost and Truman as a man that killed Japanese as an afterthought after stopping bucks.

It is one thing to have a crazy opinion about 911. It is quite another to act on one’s crazy opinions and ally oneself with an unrepentant terrorist? Did Van Jones have political fundraisers with Bill Ayers?

Contrary to beltway pundit-speak, Obama doesn’t crucify CIA terrorist-interrogator heroes and their lawyers to “appease” his left base. He IS HIS LEFT BASE.

The problem with the Obama Administration is not Van Jones nor those that vetted him.

The problem with this administration is its Chief Executive, and we can only thank God that he is as ignorant, arrogant and incompetent as he is, to have overreached so much, so fast, so that We the People have been aroused to defend our liberties.

The “problem” won’t be solved with the firing of Van Jones. The problem will only be solved with the firing of Reid, Pelosi and Obama.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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