Gibbs admits "the list"; Burton admits "why purge?" [updated]


In my eight years as a converted conservative Republican, op-ed newspaper columnist and blogger, I have been continually frustrated with my political allies’ seeming blindness to or reluctance to acknowledge the fact of, obvious admissions by our liberal Democrat opponents on matters that we deem crucially important to our case against them.

During the recent Presidential campaign I was frequently beside myself as I witnessed, especially Republican elected officials, but also some TV and Radio talk show hosts and even fellow bloggers that would play audio and video of Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright that left no ambiguity as to their venality or stands on issues, and yet end the conversation by saying that said conclusive proof merely “raised more questions”.

I was reminded of this more recently by some timid Republican senators concerning Sotomayor’s public statements. It is as if all they want to accomplish is for Obama or Sotomayor to tell them a clever lie that somehow erases the obvious previous statements from their minds.

Now comes the exchange between Megan Kelly of Fox News in which White House spokesman Bill Burton initially refuses to answer Kelly’s question as to whether the White House is purging emails they solicited via a website that identify opponents of ObamaDems health care reform plan. Finally, Burton states: “Why would we purge them?”

This is known in the law as an admission! Yet, most stories claim that the White House has not answered the question and that Burton’s responses merely raise more questions. No it does not. We now know that they don’t purge the emails.

Can we please stop being the stupid party?

[end update]

During a lengthy exchange with a reporter in the White House Briefing Room in response to a recounting of communications received by said reporter from citizens claiming to have received unsolicited emails touting health care reform legislation from The White House, Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated the following:

MR. GIBBS: I’d be interested to see who you got that e-mail from and whether or not they’re on the list. I don’t —

This admission of the existence of “the list” was not adequately followed up on, as can be seen from the full transcript.

This is what trial lawyers call admissions against interest.

These are the types of statements that get blown up on posters for displays to the jury during closing argument. These are the types of statements that are followed up on with the witness on cross-examination while the cross-examiner looks the jurors in the eye with raised eyebrows.

In short, these are the types of statements that win cases.

What kind of menacing force do we have occupying the position of the Nation’s Chief Magistrate and Law Enforcement officer? This appears to be at least as ominous as Nixon’s enemies list and Clinton’s FBI and IRS files.

Nixon covered up a break in of his political opponent in the 1972 presidential election. Bill Clinton kept his greatest offenses justifying impeachment kept locked up in the Senate cloakroom.

A White House criminal acting against other politicians is bad enough. But what about mobster-like intimidation from the most powerful man on Earth against lesser beings at banks, hospitals, etc…

President Obama has already told the CEO’s of Banks to shut up since only he stands between them and the “pitchforks.” He fired GM’s CEO. He demonizes insurance companies while he suggests that non-terminal 100-year olds be denied pacemakers and suggests pediatricians get kickbacks from surgeons performing unneeded tonsillectomies and that surgeons amputate limbs from diabetics to get government reimbursements.

Yet, he dropped voter intimidation charges against New Black Panthers on video obviously breaking the law. Their names weren’t on the list? They must favor health care reform and so, are eligible for a Piece of da’ Boss’ Action.

A serious question: Does a Howard “what did the president know and when did he know it” Baker exist among today’s elected Democrats in Washington that answer to Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi?

And if not, then how do We the People get “the list”?

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