Pre-existing condition regs could pave way for future public option death panels

We the People have won major battles, but the war now shifts to less vocal victims

The outcry against specific proposals in the House bill, even before it was passed out of committee before the recess, was so strong that at least 41 democrats prevented a floor vote. The outcry in Town Halls during the August recess has doomed any public option, government officials making end of life treatment decisions or any major change to Medicare.

The elderly lobby is informed; politically active; and crucial to keeping the Democratic Party viable nationwide. Therefore, the Democrats, of necessity, will have to shift to Plan B, for which they have been laying the groundwork in their demonization of insurance companies as villians.

Plan B will be to more heavily regulate the product. They will now seek to require that private insurance not be denied to customers with pre-existing conditions and/or severely restrict any price differential.

This is not an acceptable compromise.

Hippocrates (pictured) said: “First, do no harm.”

Why would anyone buy medical insurance before they get sick if this law takes effect? And given that the only way any insurance business can stay in business is by paying for the claims thru premiums from non-claimants, how long would it be before the private health insurance industry would cease to exist?

Conservatives must stand firm and resist any plan that includes such a provision and must instead advocate the following:

Be the protectors of Medicare;

End state regulations that prohibit free interstate competition in health insurance; and

Demand federal tort reform.

We have won a major battle thanks to the elderly and those that fear losing their current employer provided health insurance as threatened by a public option. But employer health insurance is also threatened by eliminating pre-existing conditions as reason for denial and much higher premiums.

We must make the case on this point.

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