Would that elected Republicans raised their voices in other halls

Did Patrick Henry demand liberty or death in dulcet tones? No

Tiring of the exaltation of procedure over substance in the health care debate by the Drive-by media

A bill that, among other things, would re-structure 20% of the American economy; end Medicare as we know it; pay doctors to initiate end of life discussions with patients over the age of 64; coerce employers to substitute private health insurance plans with a government-run plan; and set up a government panel with broad discretion to determine under what circumstances patients may receive what medical treatments, cleared its committee on its way to a floor vote in the House of Representatives right before the August recess when members of Congress routinely have Town Hall meetings in their respective districts.

Yet, despite the monumental life and death import of a bill concerning the number one priority of a President Barack Obama with huge majorities of his party controlling both houses of Congress, that party and the press would have us concern ourselves with the supposed ubiquitous breakdown of decorum by concerned citizens that have dared raise their voices in protest when confronted by elected officials that deny the existence of actual written words in the House bill.

Are Town Halls the new Science Class? Speaker Pelosi the new Royal?

Given the faux outrage at the supposed sanctity of meetings between exalted yea/nay voters on mostly simple questions, i.e. elected representatives and their employers, i.e. voters, one would think that the Town Hall had replaced Science Class as the venue for the Left’s Establishment of Religion, when the name of God, profanity and other blasphemies must not be uttered.

One can hardly blame many in the media from being shocked to discover that righteous indignation and passion are not unknown in non-radio host conservatives given John McCain & Co.’s polite disagreements with their “honorable friends” in the Democratic Party that accused President George W. Bush of lying us into war for six years; and have accused them of bigotry and not caring about the poor for sixty years.

Jesus, the money changers and “Get thee behind me Satan”!

If one doesn’t get passionate enough to raise one’s voice while one’s basic humane decency is questioned and as war enemies are emboldened to fight on, then why would one expect public outrage over just another government option?

After all, despite the near unanimous GOP votes against a written stimulus bill whose very language ensured that only government growth would be stimulated, no one’s voice was raised at the time. But isn’t that one of the problems?

Un-read stimulus didn’t stimulate

The hopeful American people have seen the surprises from a non-stimulus the Dems had no time to read as President Obama urged its passage so that unemployment wouldn’t reach 8%, with the biggest surprise being a stimulated 9.5% rate.

Fool me once shame on you. Now, its me, with “me” being the Gallup and other polls showing that once Lawyer Obama began his closing argument and put the “hope” in writing, he lost the jury.

So, like a good community organizer with no facts, he blows smoke. The smoke being a resort to generalities over substance; exaltation of the importance of Town Hall procedures; and a false slippery slope of anarchy around the corner due to a couple of Town Hall meetings in which loud, unruly voters disrupted rather than endured a polite indulgence of the usual smoke from the lips of Democrats that wanted the bill passed before they had to face their constituents.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, comes to mind, as I have been made aware of but one actual act of violence with that being by Democrat liberal thugs that sent an anti-Obamacare black man to the hospital.

Healthy Congressional eardrums

No congressman has yet to lose their hearing due to the rude din of conservatives.

I cannot remember the last time a Democrat not named Bill Clinton actually responded to criticism of the substance of their proposals, and even in his case, it was to defend his proposals for welfare reform and NAFTA from attacks by the Left.

Congressmen are like barbers. Who do I let cut my hair, the barber that competently cuts my hair every 4 weeks, but from whom I have to endure 40 minutes of disagreeable patter; or the witty butcher?

I may not be a Werewolf in London, but my hair is perfect; Town Halls last minutes; but laws last years and cost millions of lives. The latter might be worth a shout.

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