Seniors make GOP permanent majority post-ObamaDem Medicare betrayal

ObamaCareDems put in writing what Democrats scared Seniors into fearing from Republicans for last 40 years

Recent polls even in the Age of Obama, consistent with most polls ever taken on the subject over the last century and the present one, confirm a majority, center-right nation. Yet, we find ourselves led by very liberal democrats in the White House and Congress.

Conservative seniors can now join their natural party

How is this possible? Mainly because so many naturally conservative, high voter turnout, Senior Citizens have continued to vote for the Democratic Party, despite its increasingly liberal views, thinking it could only trust Democrats to preserve their Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Since Medicare’s passage under LBJ with mostly Democrat votes, the world’s oldest political party has essentially scared our oldest citizens with the “Republicans will take yo’ check” line, into sticking with a party whose values are mostly anathema to those who ought be conservative if over 40 unless they have no brain. Of course, the 20-year olds with a heart naturally remain captive to the donkeys, but I digress.

Democratic Party’s fragile coalition severed by ObamaCare

So, despite no Republican president nor GOP majority proposed laws to take away the checks, the elderly mostly stuck with the devil they knew since the checks kept coming in. I say mostly, because the last time Democrats held the White House and super-majorities in Congress resulting in inflation so high that their checks were rendered worthless, they did turn to a fellow senior named Ronald Reagan to fix the checks, despite his conversion to the GOP. But once fixed, they reverted to their “unnatural” yet default Democratic Party.

So, we can almost understand why Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow democrats remained so confident that they continue to condescend to this vital constituency group, even to the point of directly contradicting the import of a written bill that ends Medicare as we know it.

Arrogant Democratic Party leaders forgot the elderly can read

The difference this time is that, unlike lies about what Republicans might do, the present lies from their mouths are drowned out by the actual, written House bill proposed, and written exclusively by democrats.

Did I mention that the bill is written? Do elected democrats understand that the elderly are literate?

Geezer mobs outnumber Public Employee Union mobs

They do now! Witness the mobs of geezers daring to shout when their elected democrats directly contradict (see lie, prevaricate, bear false witness) with their mouths, what the geezers see, with their own Coke-bottle thick corrected lenses, on pages 421-422 of the bill.

As a former Dem Party official of 18 years before 2000, I have often referred to the ubiquitous glazed-over eyes looks in Dem Party meetings among those of us that repeated known lies to each other that justified our embrace of known failed policies, but dared not admit same lest the whole House of Cards come tumbling down. The GOP is a party primarily defined by like-minded people on values, principles and policies. The Dems are an amalgam of factions that support each other on quid pro quos.

The Dems forgot the pro quo for the old when they wrote the health care reform bill. They long ago betrayed their minority faction by throwing the black man out the house and making Uncle Sam daddy. The only faction they don’t betray are public employee union leaders. Under ObamaDem rule, John Edwards would be right. There would be two Americas: Union and non-Union. Only the unions would be exempt from ObamaCare. How many states can Democrats carry with only black and union votes? Would only D.C. and the native state of McGovern be safe?

How dare mere constituents read and comprehend what John Conyers needs two lawyers and 48 hours he doesn’t have, to understand. They understand the import of required, periodic, end of life counseling every five years after age 45; increased Hospice emphasis; “cost savings” despite 40 million new insureds and no new doctors; and more. They are especially enlightened when democrats at Town Halls like Keith Ellison (D-MN) and President Barack Obama announce the principles likely to inform the Government Board replacement for “evil” Blue Crosses and Shields, include eschewing “guilt trips” and “subjective” concerns over “objective” criteria when choosing pain meds over life-prolonging treatment for the retired.

Denials of life-prolonging treatment is not active, life-taking euthanasia, but the result is the same.

Before Obama let Pelosi write all this down, did they overestimate the votes Democrats normally get from the dead, with the loss of votes from those seniors that continue to live?

Blue Dawgs ruled by We the People this time

The conservative movement has new life. Rumors of its death were greatly exaggerated, especially when Rahm Emanuel only crafted a majority with Blue Dogs running as fiscal conservatives in districts that voted heavily for Bush and McCain.

Even when Obama himself felt the need to run to the center and to repeat the mantra that if you “like your current coverage, you can keep it.” He ran on that, and keeps repeating that, but neither he, nor the yellow and blue, dogs can hide from a bill that has no such guarantee in it.

We did cover the fact that elderly democrats can read, right?

And so, the majority of old folks that have always eschewed apologies for America to foreigners; abortion on demand; non same-sex marriage; high taxes; Jeremiah Wright; Bill Ayers; those that call cops stupid; and those that unleash pitchforks on those that dis the Godfather.

GOP new protector of Medicare could be permanent majority party

The elderly have found the true protector of their checks, and it turns out to be the folks they agree with on most all other issues. So now, than can correct the cognitive dissonence of a center-right nation reuled by liberal elites.

ObamaCare aroused the silent majority. It is silent no more. Taking away Medicare checks was bridge too far. A betrayal that will not be forgiven.

The Dems made the mistake of putting their overreach in writing, depending on blue dogs to fold before the recess. Four did fold on the committee. But five joined Republicans on that committee, and at least 36 in anonymity refused to fold on the floor.

Now, at least two blues aren’t true blues as they have gone public in Town Halls against Obama and Pelosi.

Pitchforks may work on Bank execs and corporate CEOs fearing business death, Mr. Obama. But when seniors face an earlier death sans the pitchforks, then the threat of pitchforks has no power.

We the People have the power, and blue dogs are getting the message.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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