Sunday Show Stoppers

An unusual amount of significant news was made on this week’s Sunday political shows that even the Drive-by Media acknowledged but, as usual, missed the significance of; and, also as usual there were many significant utterances that whooshed right past them or were intentionally ignored so as to give cover to their ideological liberal Democrat allies.

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The most potentially volatile revelation was made by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on This Week with George Stephanopolous who refused to rule out raising taxes on the middle class to pay for health care reform.

Geithner also claimed full credit for stabilizing the banking industry and stopping the free fall of the economy despite efforts of Bush-Paulson and Bernanke

Broken promise? Yes, but only the latest.

Cigarette taxes have already been raised. The Cap and Trade tax on necessities direct assault on the poor and middle class passed the House with Obama’s blessing.

But the Drive-bys missed the main effect of Giethner’s statement, i.e. its effect on Obama’s diminishing credibility after: stimulus bill job promises and unknown items were discovered after its rushed passage; health care bill promise of deficit neutrality that actually costs over a trillion dollars and items in the bill that show Obama is lying when he says it guarantees people can keep their present heath insurance had already taken their toll.

Obama’s stupid racist attack on the police after campaigning as post-racial also greatly reduces trust, especially by those that voted for him specifically to purge their white guilt.  Now, the repressed memories of his Dreams of his Father and Rev. Wright’s Audacity of Hope return in a vivid way.

Now, they admit they may break the no tax hikes on the middle class.

Obama may get so unpopular that he resigns.

David Gregory put the heat on Summers as he Me(e)t the Press

David Gregory was especially tough on the President’s cheif economic advisor, and, by the specific constructions of his questions, showed that he understands and respects conservative economic principles Predictions of “immediate effects” of Stimulus

Larry Summers dissembled on his recent “underestimated the economic situation” statement.

Incredibly, Gregory went a step further than Republicans, when he suggested that, given the failure of the only 6% of Stimulus spent thus far, and given the debt and budget health care reform costs, why not repeal the rest of the stimulus? Summers rambled about green jobs in 2011.

Stephen Hayes on Fox News Sunday, nailed the need for Republicans to come up with a narrative for the likely short term “recovery” that is possibly underway as well as the smart strategy of the Democrats to villify Insurance companies as the villians on health care reform since we all have an “insurance company horror story.”

Agreed, but here is Gamecock’s rebuttal: We all have many more Government Horror Stories on issues less vital than health care, so why would we want to trade Dracula for Frankenstein!

[We will have a separate column this week on the proper perspective on the recession, recovery and probaly double-dip recession beginning next year and/or Ceiling on the Recovery that Alan Greenspan echoed on ABC.]

Finally, former Volunteer State self-identified Blue Dog Democrat congressman Harold Ford, after the required boilerplate defense of Obama, pronounced the health care bill unacceptable, and went one step further in endorsing a REAL supply-side tax cut stimulus.

Bravo Ford!

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