Road from Gates of PC Hell paved by Obama's election

The road to PC police Hell was paved with good White Guilt intentions. The Road from ObamaGates Hell was paved by Obama’s election.

The fact of the election of a Black man by an overwhelmingly Caucasian nation purges the long misplaced white guilt and with it, indulgences for ObamaGates race cards.

For at least the past 25 years, most Americans have been living a post-racial life. Unfortunately, most of the Americans in the Press, Academia, Hollywood and the Democratic Party haven’t joined us and too many in the Republican Party have lived in fear of being branded racists by the PC police, and so, the majority have been silenced.

The effect of the election of Barack Obama is too end the silence in the face of blacks’ acting the fool and their race hustling apologists of all hues.

My first column in the dead-tree MSM with the Charlotte Observer challenged whites to move beyond white guilt and to treat blacks as equals by holding them to the same standards of behavior as they would other whites.

Sgt. Crowley, his racially diverse colleagues, Republicans, Bill Cosby and Juan Williams refused to indulge the childish behavior of Harvard Professor Henry Gates and were repelled by President Obama’s racial profiling, i.e bigotry against whites and the police.

Crowley refused to apologize; fellow officers of all major racial groups vouched for his character; a black female officer and Obama voter vowed never to vote for him again; many Republicans eschewed the usual “on the one hand, on the other hand” beltway gobbledygook; and Bill Cosby denounced Obama’s uninformed playing of the race card. Juan Williams called the President a liar.

It takes some level of courage to publicly challenge a President that stands between his (banker) enemies and the pitchforks!

The presumption of guilt against whites is impossible to maintain in the first nation in  history to elect a minority to its highest office, and given the stakes of war and peace and one’s wallet, the days of lip-biting indulgence of leftist racial BS are over!

How dare you not recognize me

The Professor’s face is well-known to the elites in Cambridge, Mass., and C-Span policy wonks. He imagines his visage must be venerated in all the homes of his Harvard hometown. He also thinks the vulgar rap lyrics of 2LiveCrew are the 20th Century equivalent of William Shakespeare reincarnated in Robert Burns’ body, but I digress.

The eminent “scholar” resorted to yo’ mama dozens when the protector of his property dared not recognize him, despite the fact that the chiseling of Gates bust had only just begun at Mount Rushmore…

Rev Wright’s G-D KKK America and Michelle’s down right mean country

I read Obama’s two biographies; understood the obvious import of the 20-year pew-parked butt and learned in the alternative media of his dismissal of voter intimidation charges against New Black Panther Party thugs in Philly, so I wasn’t shocked at Mr. Barack Too Cool for School’s racial profiling of a white cop.

Barack Hussein Obama is an angry at White America, middle aged man. Period.


And he is increasingly seen as a liar by more and more Americans post non-Stimulus bill and health care bill surprises.

Moreover, given his nomination of a Sonia Sotomayor that denied earned promotions to white and Hispanic firefighters because they weren’t black, and given even liberals’ revulsion at the thought of being denied advancement due to their race or gender, the President is increasingly being seen for the angry, leftist he is.

He and Sotomayor are out of step with whites and blacks that are weary of rolling their eyes in silence at the ridiculous court manufactured concepts of “disparate impact”, “institutional” racism, and diversity, as excuses for American self loathing.

Do we want to catch burglars or not?

I cringe when I listen to liberals bemoan the suggestion that criminal suspects not be fully and accurately described so that they can be apprehended. General Honore had it right with the media after Katrina and it applies to the race hustling left: They are stuck on stupid.

Oh yes, there is huge hole in Manhattan and 3000 are dead. Yes, we saw 18 guys that were, variously 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 2 inches in height; weighing from 170-220 pounds; with short well coiffed hair.

Go get ’em! Oh, what color were they? Why, what good would that do in capturing them?

Stupid! Call it stupid. Don’t fear the PC police.


The President and others bemoan the fact that Yo’Mama Gates was handcuffed? Does Obama and the left not understand that most police departments long ago adopted policies of handcuffing all those arrested for the very reason of not wanting to be accused of favoritism based on, among other things…race!

Wonder if Gates will have to miss his next hectoring session at the National Press Club due to wrist injuries?


Americans have no more patience for blacks acting the fool. If OJ gets paroled tomorrow and kills another blond woman and a thin white man, there will be no more silence if blacks  with glazed over eyes claim the blood was from a rare T-bone. We will call them fools this time. I actually did the first time.

Treating a group like children for 40 years, as the the Left, Democratic Party, Media, Academia and the Press have, will produce child like actors named Gates and we will be saddled with them for a time. But that these incidents occur doesn’t define if we are a post-racial society or not.

How We the People react decides that verdict.

And don’t confuse America with its pathetic press.

America needed the JFK style Affirmative action that sought out qualified blacks and many whites needed to be shamed into changing, but it was never right for courts and the government to construct legal fictions and impose such change.

We the People did the job just fine in spite of the Left.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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