Obahonorifics morally bankrupt

First, we noticed during the 2008 campaign that Senator Barack Hussein Obama always referred to America’s Number One Racist with the honorific of “Minister” Farrakhan and never merely as Mister or Louis.

Then, President Obama greets the King of Saudi Arabia with a deep, subservient bow during a foreign apology tour last month.

This week, the Leader of the Free World refers to Ayatollah Khamenei, the architect of Iran’s sham election,  thusly:

You have seen in Iran some initial reaction from the Supreme Leader that indicates he understands the Iranian people had deep concerns about the election.

Malcolm X was assassinated when he could no longer abide, much less honor the anti-Semitic theology of the Nation of Islam which teaches that all White people are devils.

Yet, the Christian?, Chicago Hate-America Church of Obama’s 20 year pew-parked butt, honored the “Minister” in their church literature and from Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s pulpit.

Two weeks ago Obama’s Justice Department dropped voter intimidation charges against Black Panther thugs caught on tape in Philly harassing voters at the polls. His first nominee to the nation’s highest court deems herself superior to white males due to her Latina blood and estrogen.

Presidents from George Washington through George W. Bush never found it necessary to genuflect before foreign potentates even during oil embargoes. Yet, they also never insulted Queens with back slaps and Blockbuster DVD’s; returned 911 solidarity gifts; nor re-located graduates of Osama bin Laden’s al Qaida training camps to Kingdom tropical paradises.

Finally, even President Jimmy Carter understood the “ordinate” fear of communism as Soviet tanks rolled into Kabul.

Should freedom-seeking Iranians succeed in toppling the despotic, tyrannical Mullahs and become the true “supreme” leaders of Iran, how receptive will they be to a man that bent over backwards to appease their oppressor?

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