Observer using National Right to Life convention in Charlotte for Drive-by hits

Charlotte, N.C. (TMR) – As delegates to its 37th annual convention gather here tomorrow in the Queen City, they are greeted with shameless agenda driven journalism by the largest newspaper in the Carolinas.

The Charlotte Observer, for whom I recently served as the conservative voice, continues its self destructive bent (most apparent in its vendetta against the city’s biggest employer) with misleading characterizations of the environment surrounding the National Right to Life’s (NRTL) second trip to Charlotte:

The convention will also feature a screening of “The Terri Schiavo Story,” a new film hosted by writer-speaker Joni Eareckson Tada, a quadriplegic and evangelical Christian. The case of Schiavo, a brain-damaged young woman, became a national news story in 2005 when her parents and some Republican members of Congress tried to legally bar her husband from removing a life-sustaining feeding tube. Schiavo died in March 2005.

In the weeks leading up to this year’s convention, abortion has been much in the news: Anti-abortion activists protested President Obama’s speech at Notre Dame, a Catholic university, and a man was arrested in Kansas for allegedly gunning down Dr. George Tiller, a physician who performed late-term abortions. (National Right to Life condemned the killing in a recent news release.)

We call the above Foghorns, i.e. misleading “fog” meant to advance an agenda, rather than reporting.

Now, the Leghorns, i.e. truth.

Yes, Schiavo’s parents tried to save their severely disabled daughter from being killed by her adulterous husband. But isn’t it more significant that no Democrats in Congress voted against the Bush-backed bill to require federal court review, i.e. due preocess before the state sanctioned a deprivation of life, rather than that a few Republicans supported the parents?


And when one recounts what has been “in the news leading up to the convention”, shouldn’t executive orders issued by President Obama that encourage more abortions be deemed more significant, and hence more worthy of mention than one murder or a commencment speech?

We think so.

This is the kind of “coverage” NRTL can expect from the local dead-tree drive-by, as coverage for the 49 million and counting victims of Roe v. Wade goes wanting.

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