Real world clarity educates all but Obama [updated]

Axis shows its evil; Stimulus fails to stimulate and ABC becomes WHBC

Generally, much like radio talk show host Dennis Prager, I much prefer clarity to agreement, and especially so in politics. Most bi-partisan “solutions” neither solve the problem nor educate voters on which of the partisan positions would more likely have been the solution.

Hence, an America prosperous and free due to conservative Republican solutions to foreign and domestic problems, but afflicted by the recent Elephant-memory killing bipartisan past that Left No Child Behind in accumulating debt and a Republican candidate made famous as a maverick at kissing Jack Asses, chose to elect as President of the United States (POTUS) the most liberal candidate any major party ever nominated.

As a result though, clarity has returned to Washington, D.C. The most egregious taxing, spending and social policy bills passed by the ObamaDem Congress have garnered hardly any GOP votes and the President has received harsh criticism from most Republicans for his foreign apology tours.

So, come Election Day 2010, We the People will have no problem rendering a verdict on the ObamaDems, beyond any reasonable doubt.

The bad news is that the educational reality mugging by failed liberal policies usually necessary to convert liberals into conservatives will be especially harsh this time around, especially by an electorate so populated by spoiled yutes too young to remember the last one from 1979-1982.

Axis of Evil remains so in the Age of Obama

Last week, President Obama, no longer in de-Nile about his assumption of the Office of Citizen of the World (COTW), traveled to that river in Egypt to prove the effectiveness of his “words matter” campaign mantra, especially when delivered by an American largely disgusted with American policies before his Inauguration.

The Drive-by media universally praised the homily, er..speech and, Obama was right. Words do matter. Iran’s mullahs (pictured with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khatami in middle) heard the COTW/POTUS’s Chamberlainesque Peace in our Time declaration as he excused Iran’s terrorism directed against his World and American citizens for the last 30 years. They heard his acquiescence to Iran as an equal nuclear power partner while forbidding Israel from building any more screened in porch add-ons on the West Bank.

So, Iran’s totalitarians fixed this week’s election to retain as President the megalomanical Anti-Semite that Obama surrendered to and continue to mow down (see Kill, seven and counting at this publication) down non-violent protesters.

Not to worry though. Seventy-two hours after the fix, Obama is “troubled” by “the violence” (No mention of whose violence, much like he was troubling violence of Georgian bodies striking Russian bullets in Ossetia, but I digress…) but is even more troubled by the worry of offending the re-elected MembersOnlyJacket-ijad by seeming to “interfere” in an equal nation’s affairs with a statement supporting the freedom seekers.

Clarity on Iran should have arrived earlier than this week given their sponsorship of Hizbollah, with whom they killed more Americans than any other terrorist group before 911, and given their Quds forces that killed Americans in Iraq. The Drive-bys were too busy bashing Bush to make those facts clear.

Keynesian economics still doesn’t stimulate anything but government growth

The same Joe Biden that was elected Vice-President while warning that his youthful running mate would face a serious international test within six months, admitted this week that the Administration’s efforts to revive the economy had failed.

Clarity on that subject almost arrived earlier this month with the Labor Department’s release of the report that unemployment rose to its highest level in 27 years, but the Drive-bys dutifully ran interference by reporting that 9.4% was a good sign that the stimulus was working since the rate of job losses had slowed.

Rumors have it that the last act of the American Broadcasting Company, before the relocation of its headquarters and name change, was to send its employees out armed with spray paint to vandalized gasoline station pump prices and Bank mortgage rate windows.

1984 plus 25 equals White House Broadcasting Company’s (WHBC) voluntary merger with Big Brother

Charlie Gibson will anchor the first broadcast of the network made famous by Howard K. Smith, Howard Cosell and Jim McKay as WHBC from its new headquarters at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when COTW/POTUS Obama, as new network President, issues his Health Care reform directives later this month.

The media famous for drive-by character assassination hits will merge with an Administration whose Justice Department recently dropped voter intimidation charges against Philadelphia BlackPanthers.

No word yet on when the Democratic National Committee aka ACORN will join their corporate partners in public housing.

Given the above relationships, it is not surprising that Americans became so ignorant about the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Democratic party and the results of their failed liberal policies. But now, we don’t have to guess if Obama’s ears prove he is Barbara Walters’ son. Arrogance has shoved shameless First Amendment incest into the fore to bring clarity.

And we we thought gay marriage was only a “slippery slope?

The Slope Done Slipped

Incumbent republicans must needs no longer fear the Citizen of the World and the Democrats that aid and abet his clarity. Citizens of the World like Iran’s mullahs and Kim Jong Il don’t get to vote in our mid-terms. American citizens out of work, unable to afford gasoline to visit grandma or Myrtle Beach, and/or still keeping investment dollars on strike do get to vote, and clarity dictates a favorable GOP result.

Meanwhile, a number of Democrats and liberals are finding the new clarity requires revising their verdict on none other that George W. Bush aka Satan (translates Great Satan in Mullah-Persian). Thomas Friedman of the New York Times saw fit to print the news that Bush deserves credit for the now obvious success of the democracy project in Iraq and the Lebanese electoral defeat of the Hezbos. Christopher Hitchens reports that Hamas would lose a second election in Gaza.

I am reminded of a Hezbo supporter in Southern Lebanon who lost his house and a barber in Gaza who lost his barber shop, both lost to Israeli bombs retaliating against rocket launchers in their respective neighborhoods who blamed the terrorists and vowed never to support them again. They wanted their boys to play soccer, sans rubble.

Clarity sometimes takes time.

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