Donkeys' elephant-like memory justfies Palin-phobia

They regularly lose to conservatives like Sarah

The Governor of Alaska is an unapologetic, unabashed Reagan conservative who echos the truth to power messages rarely heard from other elected conservatives too afraid of Obama and the Drive-by political correctness media police. Democrats have won the past two election cycles and now hold large majorities in both houses of Congress.


Yet, despite the triumph of liberalism, the Left doesn’t use its precious media time to attack potential threats to its power from moderate Republicans that the Drive-bys’ conventional wisdom deems more “electable” in the Age of Obama.

Rather, they regularly, relentlessly, and viciously attack the Sarah Palin, the Vice-Presidential loser that failed the Katie Couric test and returned to viewing Russia from her backyard.

Why does the Left perceive as the number one threat to retaining their power, a Republican loathed by a large and vocal minority of the GOP?

Why? Maybe because the Left has never lost its power to that particular minority of the GOP represented by Colin Powell and much of the beltway, country club blue blood Rockefeller elites.

When they lose, they lose to Republicans like Sarah Palin, and many recall their most anxious moments during the 2008 general election campaign were those weeks after Palin’s nomination was announced when McCain actually lead for the first time, before he blew the race by embracing the bank bailout.

Recent polls show that a majority of Americans are now pro-life, that conservatives now out-number moderates, and that women are much more likely to vote Democrats.

Palin is a walking, talking repudiation of the entire feminist myth of the Left that declares liberalism as the only enlightened view. And her decision to bring to term a baby in her womb confirmed as having Downs Syndrome grossly exposes the barbarity of the Leftists’ religious sacrament of abortion. DC wasn’t down with her, baby?

Moreover, Palin defends herself and conservatism when attacked, unlike former President George “new tone” W. Bush and John maverick McCain. Democrats don’t like Republicans that “break the rules” by questioning the liberal templates of the beltway that never allow conservatives to question the motives and judgment of the Left.

Sarah Palin is in a position to own the conservative base that Gallup now measures as 40% of the American people. She has the fighting quality akin to that of the kind of Republicans that win over Reagan Democrats.

And, she is a woman.  And we have seen this past week in the aftermath of the David Letterman affair, even feminists that regularly stand mute when abortion rights-protecting Democrats abuse women and when conservative pro-life women are abused, have come to her defense.

Palin can take the heat even with Obama at 62% approval. As his ratings drop, some elected Republicans in DC will grow a little courage. They are puny compared to Sarah.

The Left fears her. They should. It seems that donkeys have better memories than many elephants these days.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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