So should Obama's speech be written: Say what has been done

Will Obama passover the plague of terrorism in Egypt?

Apologies for the tortured paraphrase of Rameses II oft repeated defiant commands in between plagues The God of Moses visited upon Egypt until Pharaoh let his people go in The Ten Commandments.

But wouldn’t it be appropriate to recount the benevolence of America toward Egypt and much of the Muslim world in combating the plague of Islamist terrorism?

Wouldn’t it be apropos if President Barack Obama visited the grave of the man that made peace with Israel and, in his much anticipated first American Presidential address to the Muslim World, said:

I have just come from honoring your late, great leader Anwar Sadat to demonstrate, on your soil, America’s solidarity with that great Muslim leader and the like-minded of Islam who seek peace and to make clear our shared contempt his assailants and for all enemies of peace, no matter their professed faith.

For this reason, we have never been stingy in American dollars for Egypt’s military defense, nor in American blood to defeat those that seek the murder and even genocide against Americans, Muslims and peace seeking peoples across the globe, whether it be in Bosnia and Kosovo, Kuwait and Iraq, and Afghanistan. Whether it be in The Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, or Europe.

That those terrorizing the peace loving claimed to be Christians, Muslims or atheists, mattered not a whit.

Today, in Pakistan, we stand with the Muslim government against al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists.

And we stand with all Muslims in Egypt and all people of all faiths or no faith across the world that seek peace and against all those that seek terror and totalitarianism.

We thank God for all those Muslims that are alive today due to the joint sacrifices of the armed forces of the United States and our allies, including the great sacrifices made at our side by Iraqis, Kuwaitis, Afghans, and Egyptians and all Muslims, Christians and Jews from around the world.

Saddam Hussein slaughters hundreds of thousands and starts wars killing millions no more. Osama bin Laden issues dated black market tapes rather than blowing Muslims to bits in Arabia and Africa. Mullah Omar no longer controls a nation-state to harbour mass murderers.

Thank God Muslims are so much more safe today.

On Memorial Day in America last week, I laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier where many Americans are buried that died defending the lives of Muslims so that they did not have the same fate as your beloved Sadat.

Praise be to God.

But, to more closely quote Yul Brenner (pictured above as Pharaoh Rameses II):

So, shall it be written? So ,shall it be done?

I suspect a plague of frogs is more likely, this time from the Celebrated Surrender Frog of Cook County!

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