Non-Latina justice is no justice at all [updated]

A diabetic with learning disabilities, raised by a single mother in a South Bronx neighborhood, rose to the top of elite Ivy League universities.

Lawyer Sotomayor was then given the power to prosecute criminal defendants and, for the past 17 years has wielded the gavel of a trial court judge before judging trial court judges from the second highest court in the land; apparently, if one believes the man that now would elevate Judge Sotomayor to Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, all in a callous land devoid of justice:

This woman is brilliant, she is qualified, I want her confirmed, I want her walking up those marble steps and starting to provide some justice.

Starting to provide some justice?

Sotomayor overcame all those odds despite the fact that justice remained in the starting blocks. But wait, DeVine Gamecock Law (pictured) in this fourth installment of our Sotomayor examination, three other factors may explain this late 20th and early 21st Century Alger Hiss story.

Did I mention that Judge Sotomayor is female and Puerto Rican? Did I mention that over 75% of the population of the unjust nation in which she was raised is Caucasion and that the legal profession in which she has achieved prominence has been dominated by white men?

Clearly, the gender and racial superiority combination of a Latina explains her better decisions that has her 51 Senate consent votes away from finally starting to provide some justice in America. Sotomayor admitted her advantage in 2001:

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.

Too bad we can’t all raise our children to be Latinas, but how then do we explain the achievements of non-Latinas, especially the big non-Latina kahuna, Kenyan-Caucasian presently occupying the White House who seeks a Justice with empathy for superior Hispanic women? Can one achieve Latina-like superiority by empathizing with La Raza or many of the other race-based organizations with which Sonia has been obsessed most of her adult life? Has Obama’s dreams of his Marxist Kenyan father or Audacity of Reverend Wright’s hate-KKK America hope sufficed to elevate the President’s empathy and competence.

Rewinding the “start” of Obama-Sotomayor justice

One wonders what Latina tricked the exclusive white male electorate to outlaw slavery and demand equal protection of the laws by super-majorities in Congress and the states with the passage of the Civil War Amendments?

Was Chief Justice Earl Warren’s clerk a Hispanic woman who hypnotized her boss and eight other white men to end de jure racial discrimination across the fruited plain? Was Thurgood Marshall no good at starting justice?

Had justice not started in 1865, nor even by 1954? How about the overwhelming Republican white male and overall white male votes for the 1964 and 1965 Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts?

Where those respective acts, unjust? Was it a nation lacking in empathy that welcomed Barry Obama’s African dad or that affirmatively provided him with an education with the nation’s elite?

Given the Latina supremacist views of Sotomayor, one wonders if she agrees that justice hadn’t started when African-American crowds cheered Orenthal James Simpson’s acquittal from murder charges in the wrongful deaths of two white people, even if one of them was a woman (one half of the secret formula for superiority after all, but I digress…).

Would the start of justice provision upon ascending marble steps mean reversing her own decision to deny white males and one chromosome-lacking Hispanic male, merit-based promotions based on their race?

How would Latina-Wonder Woman start justice for the ACORN-gun-wielding voter intimidation thugs that Obama’s political appointees at the Justice Department exonerated over the objections of career (read non-empathetic white males?) un-Justice Department lawyers?

If only Miguel Estrada had been Margarita he could have out-smarted pasty white male Patrick Leahy and started providing justice several years ago…

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