What the fallen didn't die for

America may never be able to re-pay the national debt to foreign bondholders that the ObamaDems’ stimulus and budget bills promise to incur and certainly we will never be able to re-pay the ultimate sacrifices so many Americans have made that we honor on this and every Memorial Day.

So, is it too much to as that our Commander-in-Chief at least not make it more likely that the latter debt in blood be increased exponentially while he surrenders what that memorialized blood bought?

The United States last paid off the national debt in 1835 at the insistence of President Andrew Jackson, whose victory as General of US forces in 1815 at New Orleans secured the revolution against taxation without representation and other evils made possible for non-self government, launched 39 years earlier and for which thousands died.

Yet, surely the fallen didn’t die for self-government that would find representatives like Senator Barack Obama voting to grant the Treasury unfettered power to squander $750 billion last September and a President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi tripling the national debt built up during the past 194 years in the next ten.

Surely those that fell for to secure Texas and the Southwest for the manifest destiny of a Fruited Plain from sea to shining sea in the 19th Century didn’t die so that ObamaDems could populate labor unions through an illegal invasion by the ancestors of those from whom they secured the Lower Forty-Eight in the 21st.

Surely those that fell to secure Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness didn’t die for a cap on such pursuits at $250K; liberty restricted by one man’s whim to hold back pitchforks; and life not even secure for born alive infants whose deaths are the object of conspiracies between expectant, yet reluctant mothers and the graduates of medical schools.

Surely those that died to defeat fascism under the leadership of Democrats FDR and HST in WWII didn’t fall so that a future President from the World’s Oldest Party would aid and abet the rise of totalitarians promising to provide a more complete Holocaust without the defenders of liberty firing a shot.

Surely those that died in the efforts that led to the capture of those whose squealings saved Los Angeles after 911, without harming one hair on the heads of prominent perpetrators of 911, didn’t fall so that those that defined interrogations down could be disbarred.

The fallen did die, though, for freedom of speech, even speech as vile as what periodically spews from prominent ObamaDem Dick Durbin who famously compared American armed forces heroes as akin to Nazis, who belched more slander yesterday:

MR. GREGORY: Senator Durbin, the vice president’s–former vice president’s daughter, Liz Cheney, said that President Obama has a September 10th mentality in his fight against terrorists.

SEN. DURBIN: Let me say–if you, if you step back and take a look at history for a moment, you will find the message we just heard from Mr. Gingrich, from Vice President Cheney and Mr. Rush Limbaugh to be the same, it’s a message of fear: “Be afraid, be very afraid.” And to say that this president is not doing everything in his power to keep America safe is just as irresponsible as anything I’ve ever heard said on your program.

Yes, Senator Durbin, let’s talk about fear, but first, let’s hear more of your slander against those that have kept more innocent Americans from being killed since 911 no thanks to you and Obama:

SEN. DURBIN: First, let me tell you that America cowering in fear is not going to be a strong nation. I disagree with Mr. Gingrich. We can understand the threat, we can deal with it rationally, we can be strong and we will be safe with President Obama. But this notion that fear is going to guide us is what brought us to the notion of weapons of mass destruction and this war in Iraq and all that it has cost us. You know, Vice President Cheney said the other day without hesitation, “I’d do everything all over again.” He hasn’t learned any lesson from history.

Now, as far as President Obama’s approach at the National Archives, he made it clear and he was open to the American people, and this is what he said: there will be military commissions, but these are going to be commissions that are going to follow our constitutional values. We’re going to basically say that we’re not going to have hearsay that has to be rebutted by a defendant. We’re going to allow for the right of counsel. We’re going to have the basic approaches under the law that the Supreme Court is going to demand this.

MR. GREGORY: But do you, do you see that correlation between President Bush’s approach and President Obama?

SEN. DURBIN: I would say they’ll both have military commissions, and we’ve had them back to the time of George Washington. But the approach of President Obama is one that is closer to our Constitution and our rule of law. And just consider this, in seven years in Guantanamo there were exactly three who were convicted by military commissions, and those were thrown out by the Supreme Court. The–President Obama has learned from that lesson of history. He’s going to make sure that any military commission, military tribunal in the future is one that can be sustained by the courts.

Before Hitler invaded Poland and Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, President Franklin Roosevelt declared that the only thing we had to fear economically, was fear itself. But apparently, according to ObamaDems, FDR was “cowering in fear” when he tried and executed German spies via military commissions. Apparently what ObamaDems fear more than the killing of innocent Americans is offending terrorists and giving them “recruiting tools” via nose swabbings.

Durbin and Obama want to return to the 1990s strategy that saw America repeatedly attacked before any nose swabbings at Gitmo. One could forgive the failure to “get it” before 911, but after 911 one must conclude that many ObamaDems will never get it, given their lack of fear of big holes in LA.

Apparently the status quo in the 90s was acceptable to ObamaDems whose only fear today is that we offend the already offended.

History suggests that such weakness invites aggression that ensures the number we will mourn on future last Mondays in May will increase exponentially.

The fallen didn’t die for this.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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