Not One

Not one elected republican in D.C. has called for Speaker Pelosi to step down.

Not one.

Un-elected Newt initially called for her to resign but now only calls for an “inquiry.”

Not one elected Republican has recognized that the Dem refusal to fund the “closing” of Gitmo and their opposition to transferring Gitmo detainees to facilities in the Lower Forty-Eight justifies the Bush position that they all (but Lieberman) opposed for seven years.

Not one.

But we are supposed to eschew Reagan?

Ironically, given the Supreme Court rulings, there is no legal difference between Gitmo and St. Louis, but the GOP is letting the Dems pretend to be “tough” on protecting the American people via their silence on how the Dems and Obama said that Gitmo made us more un-safe for the past 6 years due to Gitmo.

Not one elected Republican is willing to take on President Barack Obama, whose actions on numerous war power policies affirm the wisdom of Bush and repudiate his own policies and those of the democrats over the past 7 years.

Not one.

The spineless Republicans must be lead!

By us.

They are pathetic.

The United States of America is under siege my brothers, and the only chance it has resides in us!

Us? Non-elected conservative patriots.

For God sakes, don’t dare count on elected Republicans serving in D.C.

Call them out! SHAME them!

That is our only hope.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Examiner.com and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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