Obama, Drive-Bys imperil Israel

Foghorn Leghorn required to correct Time magazine’s vision of the “facts on the [Middle East] ground”

Newly elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Washington today for a hurriedly scheduled emergency meeting with the most pro-Palestinian U.S. President in 29 years. President Carter was reportedly disappointed with his pinnacle achievement Camp David accords because they “only” reconciled Israel with Egypt and did not require the Zionist state to emasculate itself with a “right of return” that would have effectively wiped the Jewish state off the map without a shot.

Now, Bibi is reportedly here to confront Barack due to an ultimatum that Israel dare not take any military steps to prevent Iran from wiping them off the map with one or two nuclear shots, lest they lose their vital financial aid from the United States.

No less a Drive-by media giant than Time magazine steps forward to enable our new President to wreak havoc on our vital democratic ally with the usual propaganda and/or naivete we have come to expect:

As Obama moves to revive the stalled Middle East peace process, Monday’s meeting has been widely predicted to be a tense affair, but that may be overstating the drama. Netanyahu, like any Israeli Prime Minister, has an overwhelming incentive to get along with Israel’s single most important ally; Obama, for his part, needs to fashion a peace process that produces results, for which he requires Netanyahu’s cooperation.

Our rooster clears away the fog and plants the legs of the truth on ground:

Since when did a Democratic Party president need to produce “results” in any policy, much less foreign policy in the Middle East? Unless one defines results as “caring” and “trying” to resolve foreign policy disputes through words and domestic matters by throwing other peoples’ money at them.

The “result” of all the attempts to rehabilitate the death cult that is the Palestinian people by giving them land for peace has done nothing but make Israel fight wars on more fronts.

Time continues:

The idea of creating an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel on the territory it occupied in 1967 is the overwhelming international consensus, accepted even — according to opinion polls — by a majority of Israelis. The Obama Administration is not content to simply articulate that vision, as President George W. Bush did; instead, it seeks to move briskly toward realizing such a solution before the evolving facts on the ground make it untenable.

How have the facts on the ground evolved since Israel gave the Sinai back to Egypt and Gaza to the Palestinians? Did they get peace for all that land that had provided some protection buffer from the enemies that surround them and from when prior wars had been launched? No.

What has evolved has been the devolution of the Palestinian people into a nation where parents train their children to be suicide bombers in Tel Aviv pizza parlors and where majorities elect the terrorist group Hamas to govern them in Gaza. I hear they provide good day care amidst the rubble they invite with their rocket launchers on the swing sets.

President Bush was right to refuse to negotiate with Arafat before he died after he lied to him. Bush was backed up by President Clinton who spent the last year of his presidency entertaining the PLO terrorist in the Lincoln bedroom, only to have him reject 95% of all they demanded and then go launch the Intifada war.

The facts on the ground that the “international community” seems not to want to address are that there will be no peace until Palestinians get their minds right, which history’s facts on the ground suggest will only come after an utter and devastating defeat.

Past U.S. presidents of both parties have prevented Israel from sufficiently leveling the ground to exact that price and it appears that the current occupant may put Israel in peril of allowing a nuclear armed Iran to level its ground for the peace that comes from death.

Here is hoping Rahm Emmanuel intervenes with the Praiser of Minister Farrakhan in Chief at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to let Bibi be Bibi before its too late.

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