Minority Report on Pelosi needs no more investigation [updated]

Don’t help Drive-bys and ObamaDems move the goalposts on Pelosi

GOP doesn’t need an investigation or truth commission to demand that the Speaker of the House step down now

Nancy Pelosi is on video tape contradicting herself on serious national security issues in such a way that renders her unfit to be the third person in the line of succession to the Presidency. We the People are the jury. We have seen the evidence and it is conclusive.

There are no more questions that need be asked and answered that could possibly rehabilitate the Speaker. All members of good conscience with a bare minimum of courage should feel compelled to demand her resignation from the Office of Speaker immediately.

And certainly all Republicans should not aid and abet the fiction of a criminal investigation on allegations of torture that could only serve as a vehicle for Pelosi’s exoneration or substitute for just consequences for her lapse in moral judgment.

Obviously, if the Democratic Party majority insists on the previously intended hearings on alleged Bush Administration torture and war crimes, then the GOP should of course use that forum to expose Pelosi and all Democrats’ unpatriotic speech and/or complicity by silence in their Bushlied era aiding and abetting of the enemies of freedom, but the best way to keep up the heat is to state the obvious conclusions from the admitted facts already in the public arena.

Too often the GOP plays the political game by the Left’s Drive-by rules that only serve to give the Dems cover. Much as when McCain and so many conservatives in the media and the Congress kept on saying that campaign revelations about Obama merely “raised more questions” that Obama needed to answer, too many seem poised to make the same mistake now.

Just as the Wright, Ayers and Obama dreams of his father socialist quotes provided the answers on Obama, so do Pelosi’s quotes today. Yet, last night on Hannity, GOP Rep. Pete Hoekstra and GOP Sen. Kit Bond couldn’t answer in the affirmative considering whether Pelosi lied. Rather, each droned on for multiple meaningless sentences to avoid stating the obvious and seemed to see as their ultimate goal a congressional committee report. A congressional committee report? God help us in the Stupid Party.

Let us be clear. There is legal guilt and, then there is the obvious moral guilt. No crimes have been committed here. Nancy Pelosi can’t be charged with a crime for a lie spoken from the floor of the House or at a news conference. President Obama obviously doesn’t believe any war crimes were committed since he isn’t going after Bush, Cheney, Tenet or any CIA agent that authorized or carried out waterboarding. Pelosi and the Dems obviously don’t think waterboarding was a crime since they twice tried and failed to pass a law after they gained the majorities in Congress in 2006 and a majority of Dems obviously don’t think it ought to be since they defeated the measures.

Finally, there is no law a lawyer could possibly violate by writing a legal brief for policy makers to consider.

The only purpose for a special prosecutor or congressional investigation would be to determine legal issues. In this case, there are none.

One doesn’t need juries to fire employees or punish one’s children. That is reserved for the meting out of denials of liberty.

Grow a spine Republicans, if you ever want to relieve me of writing mere “minority” reports. Affirm what the eyes of all can see and declare the emperor naked.

In the process, we could also take this opportunity to finally indict the whole of the Democratic Party for their Bush “mislead” Big Lie complicity since 2003. Steny Hoyer is no more of a moral giant than Pelosi. It is quite difficult for an elected democrat to self-destruct given the cover they get from the Drive-bys. One must be especially inept at lying. Pelosi is the kind of witness that this trial lawyer would never allow to testify in a court of law, much less stand ready to control the nukes should Obama and Biden mistakenly occupy the same space at an inopportune time.

Finally, the GOP would also be smart to use the Demsnew found outrage at the prospect of “OJ” trials in LA for the Gitmo victims of George warcriminal Bush. (After all, given their outrage at the nose swabbing of KSM that saved the City of Angels, they obviously wouldn’t care if the similarly situated escaped and caused the Dodgers to have to return to Brooklyn, but I digress.)

The GOP makes a big mistake if it lets the Dems off the hook over the quite irrelevant issue of relocation of Gitmo to the Lower Forty-Eight. Given the Supreme Court’s ruling that determined Cuba to be the legal equivalent of The Fruited Plain, the only possible issue on re-location would be the proximity to Americans close enough to kill. But quite frankly, I bet true justice is more likely if they were released in the United States and left to the tender mercies of We the People.

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