Smoke-free mob turns Tar Heel state deeper shade of blue

Tar Heel state turns deeper shade of blue as property rights trashed. Sir Walter Raleigh and George Washington heard rolling over in their graves.

Imagine you worked 16 hours a day since the age of 16 for 16 years to save the $16K for the down payment on a restaurant-bar and then worked 16 hours a day for 16 more years to establish a reputation and loyal clientele only to look outside today and see your private property Liberty rights in the U.S. Constitution being torn to shreds by a majority bearing these:

Where is your just compensation when Governor Beverly Perdue signs the bill replacing the Constitution?

Smoking will soon be prohibited in bars and restaurants across North Carolina, a state where tobacco was once revered for the money it generated for farmers, universities and community institutions.

The state House on Wednesday narrowly approved a compromise with the Senate on a smoking ban. The legislation moves to Gov. Bev Perdue, who said she will sign the bill into law. The ban would take effect Jan. 2.

Perdue, a Democrat, called it β€œan important and historic day for North Carolina.”

The bill, which passed 62-56, prohibits smoking inside bars and restaurants but doesn’t affect outside areas of those businesses. The bill makes an exception for cigar bars, although bars cannot start selling cigars to skirt the ban.

Fax Governor Perdue at (919)733-2120 if you object to this brazen abrogation of the Liberty our forefathers fought and died for, especially if you are a non-smoker that values private property rights that the Founders deemed essential to real freedom.

Whoever thought that the rights to the fruits of one’s labor would be a “minority” right that needed protection from a tyrannical majority? And don’t start in with the second-hand smoke health danger for workers. We don’t close textile plants and coal mines do we? No, at least not yet. Rather, we issue masks.

What is also so insidious about this exercise of raw majoritarian power is that the free market already provides non-smoking environments at the overwhelming majority of bars and restaurants.

This is a sad day for the South and America because this is just the beginning, and if you thought 2008 was a fluke due to eight years of Bush fatigue and excitement for Obama, disabuse yourself.

North Carolina skipped purple and tar heel blue for a darker, more foreboding hue.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Examiner.com and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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