Foghorn Leghorn examines Drive-by truth killings

Foghorn Leghorns: DeVine Gamecock’s rooster crowings of grounded truth vs. truth-obscuring press fog originally published at Examiner.com


[We especially like to tweak our hometown’s dead-tree observer of the news for whom we have served as conservative voice on the op-ed pages.]

The Charlotte Observer recently fogged up a report on a judge’s ruling against enviro-extremists that saves consumers on energy costs with a headline that characterized it as a  “victory” only for power companies

The actual story could be found buried beneath the fog. I find the legs of the truth on the ground here:

Environmentalists had urged justices to uphold an appeals ruling that found the Clean Water Act does not allow cost to be used when deciding what technology would best minimize environmental impacts.

It could have required an estimated 554 power plants nationwide to install technology that relies on recycled water – such as cooling towers – to cool machinery.

And so who is it that would ultimately have paid for the installation of fish-saving technology? We the People, after the power companies pass along their costs, as they must, if they are to keep generating the power that fuels a modern world, i.e. American prosperity. For a view of Obama’s green world, see Dickens’ smogged up and horse feces upped London of the 19th Century.

My Queen City paper’s editing an L.A. Times story on President Obama’s first defense budget hid defense cuts as front page “changes”; hid the draconian nature of the cuts in the 21st paragraph on page 11A where it shared space with the paragraph 23 report of missile defense cuts in wake of North Korean missile launch towards the 49th and 50th states.

The story was also an example of the largest paper in the Carolinas‘ regular practice of removing links to non-Observer originated stories. You will note that in the original story, that the headline and reporting at the Times was less obviously driven by a fogged up leftist agenda.

It’s hard to beat the Los Angeles paper at that game, but the Observer is up to the task, much as they are relentless in their vendetta against Bank of America (BAC), as evidenced by their recent disparate treatment of stories reporting the respective profits earned by BAC vs. Well Fargo.

Exhibit A headline: BofA’s profits rise, but so do worries

Exhibit B headline: Wells’ profits: $2.4 billion
Bank’s big 1st-quarter earnings are elevated by Wachovia purchase and mortgage business.


Finally, the local protector of illegal aliens continues the “child labor” fog device to demonize wicked employers without having to address the suffering illegals cause to citizens and other legal residents, with their recent Child labor going largely unchecked headline.

The “children” for whom these disingenuous and/or ignorant of history reporters cry crocodile tears are all over the age of 16. These are not repeats of late 19th and early 20th century situations of 9 year olds working from before dawn and after dusk in a cotton mill.

Persons aged from 16-18 are allowed to work in America, with restrictions. The problem of child labor violations is quite puny as compared to the millions of illegal workers and their families burdens on schools, hospitals and prison populations, but illegal Immigrants (never aliens) are only mentioned as objects of sympathy or in last paragraphs of child labor stories.


The Miami Herald’s liberal op-ed columnist Leonard Pitts, who occasionally stumbles into conservative truths, recently visited Charlotte to deliver an angry call for education reform. He made some good points, but  never directs any anger at the party most responsible for the dysfunction that require reforms: the National Education Association (NEA), teachers’ labor union.

Sadly, one of the better conservative democrats (defeated in a bid for Tennessee U.S. Senate seat), Harold Ford, recently endorsed President Barack Obama’s radical education agenda.

The lesson: Even when liberals and/or Democrats get something right, they immediately get it wrong.

More than 200 people gathered at the Crowne Plaza hotel to hear Pitts talk about his lessons from traveling the country to explore what works in educating low-income minority students.

Moreover, right off the bat, Pitts makes it about race. The fact is that the same things that work for whites, also work for blacks and Hispanics. Mothers and fathers, high standards, disciplined schools that can expel thugs, free market educational choice and the right to fire incompetents.

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