Aggression accepts Obama's invitations in Pakistan and Iraq

Candidate Barack Obama suggested last fall that, as President he would not rule out invading Pakistan. He was more hawkish on that issue than both his Democratic nomination rival Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee John McCain.

The Taliban didn’t believe him.

In short order this past week, the Taliban captured Buner (see map), a strategically vital district just 60 miles northwest of the capital, Islamabad. The militants flooded in by the hundreds, startling Pakistani and American officials with the speed of their advance.

The President recently visited the troops in Iraq and assured the Iraqi people that:

“…we are [their] stalwart partner, that we are working alongside them, that we are committed to their success,” he added.

Obama said that in terms of training the Iraqi security forces, the U.S. must make sure “they know that they have a steady partner with us.”

The enemies of freedom in Iraq didn’t believe him.

A series of explosions killed at least 43 people Wednesday, making April the bloodiest month Baghdad has seen in more than a year.

Wednesday’s attacks are the latest sign that Iraq’s security gains are beginning to reverse. Large-scale bombings targeting civilians have been on the rise since March and there is widespread concern among Iraqis that the violence may quickly spread as the United States begins to drawdown.

Why should anyone other than American corporate CEOs fear threats of force from a man that voted twice as a Senator to cut off funds for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? And why should anyone trust a man that threw his white grandmother and pastor of 20 years under the bus?

After all, the Commander-in-Chief didn’t say he stood between the pitchforks and our Islamist enemies. The forces he prefers to command seek to satisfy class envy, not homeland security.

In fact, our enemies abroad didn’t even need the further instruction of the President’s recent apology tours to be emboldened. Last year, great progress was being made by the people of Pakistan against the al Qaida and Taliban terrorists.

At first, Buner was a hard place for the Taliban to crack.

When they attacked a police station in the valley district last year, the resistance was fearless. Local people picked up rifles, pistols and daggers, hunted down the militants and killed six of them.

What changed to reverse progress in Iraq and Pakistan?

Americans elected a member of the Democratic weak horse, paper tiger Party, that’s what.

The world has seen this movie before. Whether it was Democrats cutting off South Vietnam in 1975, appeasing the Soviet Union as they opposed President Reagan’s victory in the Cold War until it was won, treating acts of war as felonies to indicted in the 90s, or bush lied lies emboldening Iranian, Baathist and al Qaida to keep heart and soul together, thus lengthening the Iraq War and costing more American and Iraqi lives.

President Bush was able to stay the course given the requirement of 67 votes to override a veto, and so essentially won the Iraq War, which President Obama tacitly admitted while with the troops. And we also learned last year that U.S. forces had made at least 10 incursions into Pakistan in addition to drone attacks.

But unlike 2001, the Muslim extremists are not so ignorant during this transition. Osama bin Laden miscalculated that President George W. Bush would respond to 911 with bombings of empty camps and nightwatchman like his predecessor, so long ago had been the partisan lessons to be learned about American politics.

Our enemies heard all the weak talk and saw all the weak surrender votes of ObamaDems from 2003-2008. They laughed as Obama feigned outrage at nose swabbings of KSM; library card snoopings and the denial of “OJ” trials for man-made disaster causers at Gitmo.

So they began preparations for their offensives soon after Election Day.

Now, post-Inauguration Day, see America in the Age of Obama betraying Poland, Georgia and Ukraine by denying them Reagan’s missile defense that he also deprives his own country of, despite North Korea’s GPS sitings of Honolulu and Anchorage.

They see him bow to a Saudi king and indifferently shrug at Communist Sandinista anti-American harangues.

Evil men see weakness. Evil men act.

Such is the way life has been on Earth since Eve bit the apple and will be till Jesus returns.

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