99 days of fear itself and 3 dead pirates

A Hundred Days?

Waiting one more day won’t make President Barack Obama an FDR any more than waiting 901 days will make him JFK. One might as well wait for flu-ravaged pigs to fly over NYC.

We are to fear everything and everybody on Earth except Obama, Obama’s creations, those Obama affirms via apologies or otherwise, and foreign man-made disaster causers (formally known as terrorists) and dictators, but I repeat myself. After all, Barry was only 39 years old at the time of the man-made disaster of September 11, 2001.

Having slept through the Millennium non-bombing and 911, a Homeland Security Chief (now confident Mohammed Atta didn’t traverse Horseshoe Falls on his way to Manhattan) Janet the Napsterpolitano has been directed only to fear as potential terrorists those armed forces of the United States returning from having defeated those formerly known as terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq and supporters of the Second Amendment and the rest of the dead Constitution, i.e. conservatives.

Fear the religious right hearers of pro-life sermons. Don’t fear 20-year pew-parked butts that heard Hate G-D, US-KKK-America sermons.

We are not to fear Barack’s Big Government non-stimulative, except for government growthulus creations, nor his $3.6 trillion budgeted Humongous Government re-creation. Yes, we should have been terrified of Bush deficits of 3.4% of GDP but not Obama’s of 12.8% for, after all, The One is now in charge.

Don’ fear the Fed’s $1.2 trillion printed dollars. Fear puny billions paid in insurance sales commissions.

Fear corporate CEOs not appointed by the President of the United States, especially those deserving of having the Da’ Boss step aside so that pitchfork-wielders can lynch them at banks in America and even more so the at the Bank of America that dares make a profit. Don’t fear CEOs appointed by Obama to preserve universal Government Medicine (GM) for autoworker retirees.

Fear Americans earning more than $250K per year unless the excess is book royalties audaciously earned hoping for a Marxist father’s dreams to come true. Don’t fear millions of more Americans earning less than a quarter of a million. Haven’t you heard that the Speaker Ordained by Obama, Pelosi stimulated unemployment benefits to the tune of $25 more per week?

Fear Edison’s light bulb. Embrace lights out parties. Fear carbon emissions unless they are expelled by Obama and his Earth Day transportation vehicles. Don’t fear a bankrupt coal industry.

Fear nose water-swabbings as a recruiting tool for man-made disaster seekers. Don’t fear aggression inviting weak horses or paper tigers.

Fear busts of Winston Churchill occupying space at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Don’t fear IRS busts of Cabinet members for tax fraud.

Fear tea parties that seek to slay baseless bailouts. Don’t fear the Democratic Party of Death that bails out abortion seekers abroad with your tax dollars.

Fear shopping at the non-union Wal-Mart near you that insists on secret ballots. Never fear that POTUS will ever photo-shop Air Force One publicity shots near sites of prior man-made disasters.

Fear the drafters of legal memos under the Bush Administration that didn’t authorize The Rack, disfigurement nor digital extremity removal. Never fear Ex Post FactOBAMAalism.

Even as a Democrat in the 90s, I scoffed at all the “scare” talk by the Clinton Administration of supposed “crises” ginned up to justify new or increased government spending. Quite instructive in my 2000 conservative conversion was how the Newt-Clinton adherence to Reagan style capital gains tax cuts unleashed the private sector to deliver the American Dream.

My optimism about this country’s future had known no bounds, until now.

I had a conversation with a vivacious near 30-something female insurance broker yesterday still in a week old funk, disillusioned by all those that cross her path that seem to have lost hope. Part of this is due to her coming of age at a time of economic boom times and the experience of her and so many of her acquaintances experiencing a Great Recession for the first time in their adult lives.

But I think there is much more to my friend’s depression than the recession. Yes, the President “inherited” the worst economic crisis since the one President Ronald Reagan was bequeathed in 1981. No matter that Senator Obama aided and abetted its creation via votes to keep Fannie and Freddie in the bad bank loan coercion and guarantee business.

What is truly scary about the present circumstance is that, unlike a President Roosevelt confident in an American peoples’ ability to overcome fear and a Reagan who echoed FDR’s optimism in conjunction with policies that got the government out of the way for We the People to bail ourselves out, the current occupant seems to view entrepreneurial job producers as enemies to be punished by policies that keep them on strike.

Over the past 30-45 days not one Obama supporter has come up to their known conservative columnist foil to brag on Obama’s performance and rub salt into his 2008 Election result wounds. Many do approach me quietly to admit their vote for Number 44 might have been a mistake.

Hopefully this hard time will concentrate the mind like those of the 70s did, and the majority of this center-right nation will get its mind right as the GOP gets its message right.

I fear that over the next 1362 days this hard time will turn into very hard times that are even now testing the American character. But don’t fear that at the current rate, the Commander-in-Chief won’t kill at least 39 more pirates.

Have no fear as you do the math.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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