DeVine re-examines liberal pagans, ex pOst factoBAMAalism, etc.

Or, follow up addenda to previous DeVine examinations and Gamecock rooster crowings on law, politics and announcements of dawns…

Only one day to celebrate Mother Earth when there are 12 days of Christmas?

Before our re-examinations, consider one of our favorite Democrat Examiner’s take in her “Bars and oh my stars, Confederate Heritage Month MONTH, is upon us”, as Dolly Purvis writes:

…I’ve kept April 27—that special day when we mark the Cawse on Confederate Memorial Day—on my calendar for the past 15 years. My heart jumps when I recall that Southern memorializing is a state holiday in Georgia. Even so, until the Georgia General Assembly gave us an official Confederate month, finding like-minded souls was about as hard as predicting whether Tom Glavine will be healthy enough to get through five innings. All we need to do now is look for Confederate Heritage Month banners, sponsored by Bud Light, across the front of the Racetrac down the street.

Indeed, it is good to be one of us…

There are those among us who have a ravenous appetite for Civil War history. These are the guys we see at the re-enactments, who strive for historical accuracy in every detail. This, I applaud. Yet, the other 99.7 percent of Confederate Heritage Month revelers (with a cold beer in their hands) will probably give a hearty Rebel Yell and try to reconcile Shelby Foote’s Southerness with theirs.

A month each year to celebrate a five-year war may be excessive, while a mere 12 days per year to celebrate God being made flesh is certainly inadequate, but what are we to make of liberal pagans and their celebration of man as God despite the felling of the Berlin Wall and all that 20th Century slaughter at the hands of their champions?

In the aftermath of my Earth Day celebration of liberal pagan sacrifice of children to their global warming idol, I was waxing nostalgic of past days traversing Gaia and ran across Pilgrim’s (The Minority Report) Post-Modern Baalism (Baal, God of Thunder, pictured) missive penned on the Ninth Day of Christmas, 2008, where he presciently writes:

A new Congress with a larger number of Ds will convene in the first week of January, and a new President, Barack Hussein Obama (D) will be sworn into office on January 20th, 2009. This new Congress wants to move quickly with new legislation ready for the new President to sign on day one. Let me list the issues and their Baalist counterpart.

1. planned parenthood reproductive freedom=Baalist fertility worship

2. providing funding and clinics for abortions=Baalist child sacrifice via burnt offering

3. gay rights and comprehensive sex education=Baalist ritualistic promotion, practice, and celebration of both heterosexual and homosexual promiscuity

4. radical environmentalism for controlling climate change=Baalist pantheistic worship of “mother earth” (reverence of creation over the Creator).

The persistent cuss of a Pilgrim must have “borrowed” the crystal ball of Cockstradamus but I doubt even that chicken could have foreseen Pervez-erted Hilton (pictured) as the Left’s face against traditional marriage at the Miss USA pageant. Other than that, one could have read Pilgrim’s blog, taken a cruise around the world to worship Mother Seas and come back to dry land none the less wiser of America in the Age of the Celebrated Surrender Frog of Cook County.

But speaking of surrendering to “our” enemies, one mustn’t imagine that ObamaDems enemies are the same as ours, nor that they lack the spine to fight them.

ObamaDems’ enemies are those that swabbed KSM et als noses to save LA, the other Lower Forty-Seven, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam, those that authorized the swabbings and lawyers that did legal research on the propriety of same.

Ok, no, the ObamaDems lack the spine to put Cheney or Bush in the dock or sue an actual Jack Bauer, but, seem to maybe have the spine to at least pretend Holder may indict the authors of footnote citations to Federal Reports.

DeVine Gamecock Lawyer will explore this “Ex pOst factoBAMAalism” in greater detail this weekend, here at Examiner.com and at TMR’s Hinzsight Report and the Many Faces of Barack.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Conservative Examiner, Scott Martin, rose to the occasion like his city’s name sake, this time from the ashes of Obama’s trashing of the heroes that have kept us safe since 911, with the best description of the nose swabbings (go to link for description) that the ObamaDems (but hardly anyone else on the Fruited Plain) call “torture” (guess they never heard of the Rack, chopped off fingers, floggings, etc):

Assuming that you think America engaged in torture, which I doubt most Americans do when they’ve looked at the actual acts, we now have word from the CIA of the fruit of their effort.

The Central Intelligence Agency told CNSNews.com today that it stands by the assertion made in a May 30, 2005 Justice Department memo that the use of “enhanced techniques” of interrogation on al Qaeda leader Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) — including the use of waterboarding — caused KSM to reveal information that allowed the U.S. government to thwart a planned attack on Los Angeles.

KSM was a little less cocky after the waterboarding.

According to the previously classified May 30, 2005 Justice Department memo that was released by President Barack Obama last week, the thwarted attack — which KSM called the “Second Wave”– planned “ ‘to use East Asian operatives to crash a hijacked airliner into’ a building in Los Angeles…”
“In particular, the CIA believes that it would have been unable to obtain critical information from numerous detainees, including KSM and Abu Zubaydah, without these enhanced techniques,” says the Justice Department memo. “Both KSM and Zubaydah had ‘expressed their belief that the general US population was ‘weak,’ lacked resilience, and would be unable to ‘do what was necessary’ to prevent the terrorists from succeeding in their goals.’”

Meanwhile, citizens of Los Angeles and those similarly situated in these United States gaze upon the picture of your skyline as it still appears, no thanks to ObamaDems, unlike NYC which is missing twin towers, but I digress.

Finally, we were recently excoriated for TMR column pointing out President Obama’s consistency with the sermons endured via his 20-year pew-parked butt when Rev. Jeremiah Wright (pictured at top with Obama) spoke of a G-D KKK-America run by rich white people and a world ruined by greedy white people. President Obama told Bank CEOs in a face to face meeting that they best do what he says as “his administration [was] all that stood between them and the pitchforks.”

Lest we lose the analogies, KKK lynchers often wielded pitchforks. So it seems that Obama had no problem with the KKK or pitchforks per se, but rather only cares that he wear the hood that directs the mob or that he be the hood in charge of a Chicago type mob, that we wrote of in A Piece of the Action.

Well, it seems that Civil Rights Examiner J.D. Tuccille also sees some Capone in Obama with his recent suggestion that they will insist on converting TARP preferred stock to common stock rather than accept re-payment:

In February, Forbes columnist John Tamny cited examples of government officials using their new leverage over banks to impose policy changes and make politicized business decisions for once-independent companies. Tamny warned:

With the acceptance of TARP funds, apparently banks can no longer exclusively seek profits. They must use the money of depositors to forward the desires of a new and very intrusive shareholder: the federal government.

Mobbed-up trucking companies, government-controlled banks — what’s the difference? In the end, an offer you can’t refuse is an offer you can’t refuse.

Here’s hoping that ObamaDems wake up from nightmares donkey heads in their beds the morning after the next two election days so that we can preserve the American Dream and so liberals can finally comprehend true torture as they look for the donkeys’ beheaded bodies.

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