Obama Dems: Doing for free what enemies would pay them to do

From the diaries by Erick.

Would Usama bin Laden and KSM (pictured, who gave up intel that saved LA from its 911 thanks to waterboarding), Iran’s Mullahs and MembersOnlyJacket-ijad, and Kim Jung Il prefer that CIA agents fear prosecution by succeeding administrations for the carrying out of lawfully given interrogation orders? That CIA lawyers fear such prosecutions for confidential legal opinions?

The answer is obvious, yet President Obama is criminalizing politics and the fighting of wars much like a new junta taking over after a coup:

Senior members of the Bush administration who approved the use of waterboarding and other harsh interrogation measures could face prosecution, President Obama disclosed today. He said the use of torture reflected America “losing our moral bearings”.

He said his attorney general, Eric Holder, was conducting an investigation and the decision rested with him. Obama last week ruled out prosecution of CIA agents who carried out the interrogation of suspected al-Qaida members at Guantánamo and secret prisons around the world.

Obama, taking questions from the press during a visit by King Abdullah of Jordan, reiterated he did not believe in prosecution of those CIA agents who carried out the interrogations within the guidelines set down for them. But “with respect to those who formulated” the policies, “that is going to be more of a decision for the attorney general within the parameters of various laws”. He added: “I don’t want to prejudge that.”

Ewen MacAskill on Obama’s reluctance to prosecute torturers Link to this audio He also opened the way for a Congressional inquiry into the issue.

Meanwhile the former US vice-president Dick Cheney has called for the disclosure of CIA memos which reveal the “success” of torture techniques, including waterboarding, used on al-Qaida suspects under the Bush administration.

Before the New York Times became the de facto agent of our enemies a few years ago, adversaries from the old USSR (now Russia), Red China (still pretty red), Saddam Hussein (now dead), Iran (surrounded), North Korea and al-Qaida (now decimated) spent millions on espionage to secure classified information that would give them an advantage in their wars and competitions against us.

They are saving millions now, as it seems the only classified information these days are current legal memos of the Obama Administration. All information gathered by that inferior version of the United States of America known as the Ante-Obam-ellum Era is more available for inspection than the paintings on the walls of the White House seen during public tours.

All in the name of feeling better that we have the “moral high ground”? Or was it that we have removed a “recruiting tool” after 911? No matter that al Qaida’s recruited enough converts before 911 to carry out numerous attacks against America for a decade before and on 911, all before the enhanced interrogation days launched after said 911.

Who needs spies or even a Manchurian candidate when Americans elect a man tutored on “G-D America” sermons with political allies that regret they hadn’t bombed police stations and the Pentagon more?

And by the way Dear Communist Leader of our “equal” Nicaraguan partner, don’t blame me for President Kennedy’s attempt to save Cuba from a 50-year old Island-wide gulag.

After all Barry was only a baby? No word yet on whether James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan should be pardoned since B. Hussein Obama had not reached puberty when their crimes were committed.

But this penchant (see passion) for leftist Democrats to do the bidding (see aiding and abetting) for our enemies, albeit without “adhering”, isn’t new, as in:

1) John Kerry’s trip to Paris to conspire with the Communist North Vietnamese;
2) The Church Commission’s decimation of the CIA and the Democratic Party majority’s abandonment of the then victorious South Vietnamese;
3) Sen. Ted Kennedy’s then secret attempted sabotage with the KGB of President Reagan’s strategies to defeat the Soviet Union;
4) Kerry and other Democrats’ public support for the Communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua while President Reagan was supporting the freedom fighting Contras;
5) Preventing, since 1978, the expansion of domestic oil exploration and recovery as well as the building of any new oil refineries and nuclear power plants; and, most recently
6) The aggression-inviting weakness of the 2003-2009 Bushlied Democrats that prolonged the Iraq War and cost more American lives by emboldening our enemies to fight on ’till their party took control of the Executive branch;

The Democrats cost the United States victory in the Vietnam War and are responsible for millions of lives slaughtered after we denied support for the champions of freedom in Southeast Asia, but thankfully, we eventually won the Cold War despite the above and President Carter’s indictment of a supposed “inordinate fear” of Communism.

And President Bush, the GOP and a remnant of JFK Dems won the Iraq War, for all intents and purposes, and even Obama seems content to let stand…so far.

But that same Obama is gutting the Defense budget including Strategic Missile Defense while Il ballistic missiles fly over Japan for potential Iranian customers to view; Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic see Obama and Medvedev look into each other’s non-souls after our President saw moral equivalence between Russian invaders and Georgians’ occupied; all while touring the world with Mr. and Mrs. Mea Culpa getting top billing on the itinerary.

We the People overcame past Democratic Party versions of “patriotism” to emerge as a City still Shining and still on top of the Hill.

I fear that after four years of Obama and these Dems, we may have to cross Delawares and enlist Old Hickorys in Nawlins in order to climb back up the Hill and restore our Liberty lighting luminescence.

Gamecock heard the fox guarding the hen house joke for years. It came true on Inauguration Day, but one good sign: The original Shining began with a Tea Party.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Examiner.com and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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