Sweet tea party antidote for bitter big government kool-aid addiction

Apologies to Dixie kin for “sweet tea” (pictured) redundancy as we are trying to reach a larger audience that includes northern economics Nobel Prize winners clueless about the 25-year Reagan Recovery.

For the first time in memory I won’t have to wait for the Braves score to know if an April 15th can be blunted by some good news. Having worked for myself for 17 of the 20 years of my professional life, I always wait till the last possible moment to fund those governments The Gipper identified as The Problem.

For this Tax Day will now have to share its previously exclusive billing with a tradition older than the venerable First Amendment, much less the invidious Sixteenth.

Today, the conservative grassroots of America will follow an example began in now ultra-liberal Boston and hold over 500 tea parties from sea to shining sea in every one of the Lower Forty-Eight in addition to the former and/or current home states of Barry Obama and Sarah Palin.

The Queen City in which I reside holds its own 2:00 pm version on Fourth Street near the Government Center after its 1:00 pm beginning outside the local dead tree Drive-by Charlotte Observer to underscore its frequent failure to observe anything that doesn’t fit their big government agenda.

We will examine the Charlotte Tea Party in this space tomorrow where we have frequently had to employ a Leghorn to blow away The Disturbers and its Drive-by allies’ Foghorns that distort the facts or leave them out all together.

Who knew that George Orwell would get it exactly right and exactly wrong in his 1984, that a free media would choose to reduce the dictionary and re-write history on behalf of tyrannical government rather than a tyrannical goverment imposing an un-free press.

Tyrannical government you say?, you angry, dangerous Obama/Napolitano-identified right-wing terrorist threat.

No, not the ominous Bushlied threat via library cards and non-draft armed forces at war with Islam by liberating Muslims and ridding their territories of megalomaniacal dictators and Taliban religious extremists. Identified American victims to date: 0

No, not the tens of thousands killed by Bush that trained to re-shape pentagons and WTCs. They are no more. Identified American victims to date: 0

No, not even the remaining would be reshapers now called purveyors of man-made disasters, formerly known as illegal enemy combatants or, God forbid, terrorists.

Their kind killed 3000 in one day and thousands abroad before and since while the Obama Left cites Timothy McVeigh ad nauseum to justify killing millions via abortion, once while a President Clinton blamed right wing talk radio for a McVeigh, but I digress.

No, not the crazed Code Pinks nor throwers of pies at Pat Buchanan, David Horowitz and Ann Coulter.

Rather, the danger comes from vehicles bearing Ron Paul bumper stickers; non-delinquent mortgagors championed by Santelli; and opposers of ending Newt and Bill’s welfare reform as we knew it. The imminent threat are those that opposed bailing out banks and AIGs; favor spanking Fannies; and hope Freddie’s Dead.

Such is the state of Homeland Security in the Age of Obama in which all threats from abroad including any foreigners here with visa overstays given that the Geithner economy talk down and the president’s policies that promise to destroy the dollar and keep investors on strike (h/t to Randy Streu) since the Democratic Party takeover due to promised tax hikes have removed the illegal immigrant threat by making job prospects better in Juarez than Walla Walla.

But in case any illegals remain, don’t dare cross Speaker Pelosi and deport them and please get them quickly legalized so they join unions and get wage rates up, as Obama dreams.

Now comes a former Obama campaign apologist with a Swedish medal around his neck that has switched Kool-Aid brands while still eschewing tea, no matter the level of sweetening.

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman used to be a credible economist in the 90s; lost his way with political partisanship in the early to mid 2000s; and now sees The Messiah’s tripling of the federal debt and tripling of the budget deficit as a portion of GDP from Bush’s worst 3.8% to Obama’s first 12.8%; $750B stimulus; $450B omnibus spending bill; and $3.8 Trillion budget as puny.

Under the influence of the old Kool-Aid he often echoed his recent trashing of the Reagan recovery due to its budget deficits in the 3-5% of GDP range and unfair tax rate cuts for the rich.

Guess he missed Bill Clinton’s end of big government State of the 1995 Union and largest capital gains tax cut in American history, or does he trash the 90s as well.

All he seems to love and promote as an answer to the current recession is a return to a command economy on the order of WWII. He thinks we need a stimulus 4-5 times as large as Obama proposes.

I quite agree. The problem is that it can’t be gotten from government spending. It can only be gotten from the private sector, where reside those supply siders we call Americans that create real jobs that last.

Krugman seems to view the economy of the United States circa 1941-1945 as idyllic. Guess he missed the rationing and the war. Moreover, after the hay days of the 1950s when an American homeland untouched by Axis bombs held monopoly status, this country maintained its superiority via supply side policies of JFK, RWR, WJC/Newt and GWB that left more of the fruits of Americans labor in American hands.

Then came Frank and Dodd and Obama and Hillary all voting to let Fannie and Freddie direct the market.

Paul, its time for your intervention. Meet some Indian garb-clad white males angry at the Stamp Act and the Tea Tax. Meet black males Crispus Attucks angry at the British taxers and troop quarterers and Frederick Douglass angry at federal and state governments he wishes would leave him and his folk alone.

All we tea drinkers want are our rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

For Southerners that means Sweet Tea! and unlike Krugman’s, the Charlotte Observer and the Drive-bys’ and President Obama’s and Secretary Napolitano’s Kool-Aid,

Luzianne doesn’t get cloudy!

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and Examiner.com, where all for verification links may be accessed.