GC congratulates the USN and their CINC [updated]

But I am disappointed that my beloved Redstate hasn’t acknowledged the President’s good judgment in this matter and that so many here have used the occasion of an American success to make the perfect the enemy of the good even though this matter was resolved pretty darn close to perfectly.

Well, I don’t like echo chambers anyway, so…

Thank you President Barack Obama for your leadership and the great and heroic work of the United States navy Seals and the Captain of the Maersk Alabama himself in saving the ship, crew and the Captain!

This frequent conservative Republican critic is an American first, and one that knows how to recognize and celebrate a great victory for our country.

I also appreciate that we have sent a stark deterrent message to all future would be pirates that would dare transgress a ship bearing the Stars and Stripes.


We hope and pray that President Obama will now take further actions, many of which should have been taken over a year ago, to remove the safe harbors and actual port harbors in Somalia that serve the pirates, as suggested here.

God bless the United States of America!

And for those that boxed themselves into perpetual gloom and doom by demanding a rescue be consummated at the precise moment you thought about it and rushed a denunciation of President Obama to press within two days of the hostage taking, I pity you.

A question: Do you enjoy your food, or do you eat it just so others’ can’t enjoy it?

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