The celebrated surrender frog of Cook County [updated]

or Innocents Abroad, with compliments to the late Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain and his Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

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Given the Saturday-Monday NCAA basketball Final Four and opening night and day of Major League Baseball, I confess I have not been glued to CNN’s (Celebration Next to None of) Barack and Michelle Obama’s European vacation from reality. I really don’t know if Camelot’s King Arthur for a third common era millennium and his Queen have returned to the weaker America they desire. I suspect not though, since I haven’t read of any more threats that the Administration would lift its finger from the pitchforks’ bound for CEO lynchings dike nor have the arugula farmers been nationalized, but I digress.

Besides, one doesn’t have to be glued to broadcast or cable television to understand that the Drive-by Media and Old Europe have held a Second Fat Tuesday for the last four days with no Lent in Sight. What many observers may not understand however, is that the media and their liberal Democratic Party allies are celebrating for different reasons than the leaders of our foreign allies. Celebrations are also being held by our enemies complete with huge North Korean fireworks displays over the Sea of Japan and huge grins on the faces of the Dons of Obama’s rival mob in Moscow.

Liberals like Katie Couric, Nancy Pelosi and the Obamas want so much to be liked and want so much to believe that verbal conflict resolution (with unilateral grabbing of the ankles thrown in for good measure) can tame the savage (er, ah, differently cultured) beast, i.e. people that kill innocents (man-made disasters) as a matter of policy.

Many of our European allies, like our enemies, publicly celebrate Obama’s oratory and actions for the same reason the Tar Heels celebrate their vanquishing of the Spartans last night.

The President of the United States surrendered large swaths of sovereignty to our allies in word and deed while all but destroying any notion of peace through strength deterrence in the face of our enemies.

The surrender frog (PC police prohibits use of the more familiar surrender monkey term despite the declaration of a post-racial America) itinerary, appropriately began with the French:

1) Obama, shocked to learn that Sarkozy had replaced Chirac, withdrew his demand that European nations join his currency-destroying grandchild tax stimulus spending orgy when the French President he didn’t write a note to, furrowed his brow and said no.

2) The president of the nation that threw off a King and invented self government by We the creator-ordained rights People, bowed to an Arab potentate.

3) The President of the nation that liberated Europe twice; Marshall Planned Europe’s post war reconstruction and spends billions to keep sea lanes open for deliveries of American culture to a continent that loathes its own, described our nation’s attitude toward Europe before the Age of Obama as derisively rude in the face of “European leadership”. Guess we shouldn’t have littered France with all those headstones?

4) Oh, and as to the grabbing of the ankles, the would be-Messiah turned other cheeks while dreaming of a world without nuclear weapons (Plans for a world without thorns near rose buds nor sharp rocks on Maui beaches are scheduled to be rolled out in 2010) as he readily agreed with a CheshireCat-grinning invader of Georgia to turn our weapons into arugula plow shares. Formerly ill Kim joined the celebration less than 24 hours later with a long range missile launch. For his measure, President Obama found another cheek to turn within 18 hours and proposed slashing the budget for expansion of the increasingly operational Strategic Missile Defense and overall defense budget lest Kim’s fireworks be denied their full culmination and lest Tbilisi, Warsaw or Prague have any unrealistic notions of that worn out Liberty concept continuing.

5) Finally, we note that the President’s insecurity complex about his middle name was cured after a Midnight Run to Turkey. No word if hashish was the anecdote. B. Hussein Obama declared that America is not at war with Islam. Apparently being “at war” with Islam means liberating Muslims from genocidal Christians in Bosnia, murderous despots in Iraq and terrorists in Afghanistan.

For good measure, President Obama thanked Islam for its huge role in “shaping” America. Who knew our Hussein so loathed pentagons?

All in all, a pretty successful trip for a President and a Democratic Party whose version of America exceptionalism means being exceptionally ashamed for our past sins so as to be loved by their intellectual kin abroad and in dis-inventing the Model-T and Edison’s bulb at home.

Sadly, like Twain’s lead bullet-laden Calaveras County frog, Obama’s jump won’t be high enough either, so weighed down as he is with a dangerously naive leftist world view whose weakness has always invited aggression from enemies of Liberty filling power vacuums that nature abhors.

What is so sad is that whether it be Old Europe, Russia, or Iran, etc, whenever non-Americans cry “jump”, our Citizen of the World, erstwhile Teleprompter of the United States frog replies, “How high”?

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report