McDonald's $1 menu sweet tea parties

Obama democrats don’t care about the poor and middle class

The only kind of parties the poor and middle class can afford under Obama-Democratic Party rule are those serving items from fast food dollar menus.

Think Hoovervilles-light as unemployment in the Palmetto and Tar Heel states approaches 11% headed toward 15%. But at least in Dixie, God serves tea sweetened, as he intended, and at a religiously low price.

As a former Democratic Party activist and official for 18 years, I should clarify the lack of caring I declare. The caring only starts when they reduce you to a dependent victim entitled to a subsistence existence as part of a class envy grievance group.

Yes, they will feed you, shelter you and indoctrinate the children you don’t abort within minutes after the God-made umbilical cord is cut and replaced by the Government cord they tie you to for the rest of your so-called life.

But forget about those trips to see Grandma 30 miles away, much less the annual trek to Myrtle Beach. Wouldn’t want to risk destroying the planet with less than $4/gallon gas. Want a stress relief Winston or a formerly politically correct Virginia Slim? Forget it. Taxes have made it the equivalent of a caviar-like luxury item only affordable by Democrat approved executives on Sabbatical at Fannie Mae.

Tough luck Freddie, but don’t worry. We did mention that you get to eat out of the rain? Such caring.

You get to live till you die waiting for weeks for a government doctor to remove an infected hang nail. Did I mention the doctor visit is free? We have pamphlets to read while you wait. Pay special attention to the motor-voter registration card and the support group for recession fatigue (The one with President Obama’s face on it. He’s smiling.)

The Big Lie

The biggest lie advanced as conventional wisdom during most of my life by the Drive-by media and the Democratic Party is that Democrats and liberals care about the poor and that Republicans and conservatives are racists, bigots and homophobes that will take starve the poor and take away the social security checks of the old.

Yet, despite the Democrats’ war on poverty since 1965, the same percentage remain in poverty. And, despite Republican presidential dominance and 12 years of GOP congressional majorities, no checks went un-delivered and starvation remained an Asian thing.

Despite the indisputable proof that Reagan supply side conservative Republican policies worked to fix the failures of the liberal Democrats and lift all boats, the world’s oldest political party continued to advocate the same proven failed policies of class envy, higher taxes, burdensome regulation of business, energy suicide, despite the success of their own President’s success in the 90s from continuing conservative policies.

They refused to end the Fannie and Freddie bubble despite pleas from Republicans at the dawn of the 21st Century and since 2006 have forced Atlas Shrugging investors on strike with the promise of higher taxes.

And now, they justify a reckless destruction of the dollar and free market capitalism by reminding that George Bush’s policies were 20% as bad.

They care so much about the poor that they pass out pitchforks to poke banking executives with and call for rallies to bankrupt the coal industry. Wood burns, I hear.

But when the rally ends and all I got was this lousy blue blood tipped pitchfork, the sweet tea parties will sour and the caring donkeys will bray as they are thrown overboard.

Republicans must find their voice to express moral outrage at the policies of Obama and his allies in the Democratic Party. It is not enough to respectfully disagree with honorable friends.

I am confident that they will finally do this. Why? Not because they will lead. No.

We the sweet and non-sweet tea drinking People alike, democrats and republicans, will light the fire in the long hot high unemployment and high inflation summer to come and lead a revolt against the assault on prosperity being directed by the Community Organizer in Chief.

He is now, unwittingly organizing the largest community of his career. It will come to be known as the community of his landslide defeat.

I left Obama’s party 8 years ago because I did and still do care about the poor and middle class.

I was right to do so.

My party now, never forgets what works and what doesn’t.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Examiner.com and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report