Gamecock on Delta reporting from the Azores, Portugal

The Azores, Portugal – This is only the fourth time I have left the Lower Forty-Eight and I admit I am scared I might be denied re-entry due to some bureaucratic snafu.

The other three times were less risky since I walked from San Diego to Tijuana and from Niagara Falls to Thorold and sailed from Miami to Freeport.

But, with a strict liability fee for a severely injured client, we take certain risks.

However, what is more exotic, even than being in an Portuguese archipelago, are the things I have learned via cell phone during all that air time over the Atlantic. I am not a person that likes to talk on the phone for longer than 7 minutes, but with airline mags and no movie, we defaulted to actual human voice interaction for the duration. And boy was I amazed at what I learned from longtime political contacts, many even from my years as a Democrat:

1) Dissatisfaction with President Obama within the Democratic Party is serious and growing, and not just among former Reagan Democrats and Southern blue dogs;
2) Two recently elected House Democrats from traditionally Republican districts are considering switching parties before the budget bill vote;
3) A number of House Republicans are raising hell to their leaders behind the scenes that they need to take the gloves off against Obama;
4) Opposition to Union Card Check is so large among Democrats that it is doubtful it will be brought up for a vote;
5) Obama is getting pressure from not a few Democrats and Emmanuel to make a public statement warning Iran not to aid and abet military action against Israel;
6) Roemer and Summers are drawing up plans for Obama to advocate a supply side tax cut stimulus this summer if unemployment reaches 10%;
7) Summers and Emanuel have prevented Obama from re-instituting the executive ban on off-shore oil drilling;
8) The next Republican target Democrats and the Drive-bys will use to divert attention from Obama’s radical agenda and the recession will be Glenn Beck or Clarence Thomas;
9) Jeff Sessions may challenge Mitch McConnell for Minority Leader if he refuses to demand party unity on the budget vote;
10) Condi Rice will soon travel to Georgia, Poland and the Czech Republic to remind Obama that America promised solidarity with them against Russian intimidation;
11) Jim Webb (D-VA) will denounce Obama for proposed budget cuts for the Navy; and
12) Bill Clinton will publicly criticize Obama for ending welfare reform and for violating NAFTA with respect to Mexican trucking.

More later when Cricket battery re-charges

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Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report